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  1. this here is my first set-up...kinda thrown together. just bag seeds, there are two of um in there, the big one is the one I'm really focusing on. I think i stunted the first one somehow...its only one week younger than the bigger one. anyways i get the whole sexing deal but i think its not old enough yet..but ill post more pics case any of you wanna give it a go.:D


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  2. May i ask what type of lights u have on them and how many and how close they are to the plants... the little plant doesnt look to me like its getting much light in the photo there.
  3. the big plant looks awesome, as for the small one it seems that its not getting enough light to grow. With no light theres no energy for it to grow. Photosynthesis must be happening in order for it to go anywhere. Put it on some books to give it more light. What type of light are you using? also make sure that the larger one isnt blocking the light of the small one... it looks like it is but thats just by looking at the picture
  4. The light is some sort of compact florescent, im not sure if its for growing...I kinda thought so because it was in my attic...(older bro used to grow up there)...but yea that little one is deffinatly not getting enough light. the bigger one is hogging it up ... im pretty sure i saw more little compact fluorescents up there. I think im just going to go get another one and set it up for the little one. thanks for the help guys:wave:
  5. back with another pic to see if its old enough to sex! i really hope its a female:)...but from what ive not really sure..but i think its supposed to have little pistils er something...and these are leaves...:( dammn. need some help!

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  6. the plant looks great maaan. it is too young to know the sex yet though. what kind of light cycle are you on? if you switched your light cycle to 12/12 for a few days, they would probably show their sex. then you could switch back to veg.
  7. i just switched the light cycle to 12-12 I guess later next week ill have my answer! thanks a lot!:smoke:

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