First sample is a dud....

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    Well this is my first grow and first time to harvest. I still think she needs more time but thats fine, im just hoping that i cut the bud a little soon. Here is a little about the plant.

    *4 1/2 feet tall.
    *No real idea of how long she has been flowering.
    *Soil mg/local organic
    *Been on 12/12
    *No strong oder.
    *BC nuts starter kit on this plant.
    *Flowering with clfs (141watts) + 1 areogarden light i had laying around.

    The plant has been abused. When i started this grow i had 4 ladies and it was my small plant so i took it out only to find her to be my only gal.
    Take a close look thanks guys!:wave:
  2. Pics dont work man
  3. yeah says website is invalid
  4. Ill go fix them sorry.
  5. Ok fixed sorry. :hello:
  6. The buds still don't look ready dude, you need a scope to be able to tell if they are ready. Test buds suck anyway!

    Good luck
  7. Is that why the bud is so fluffy and stringy? Or is it lack of light? Or nuts?
  8. The buds on the plant don't look ready yet. Its trichomes (resin) that you need to look at through a scope to see if they are done. On all the strains that I have grown the hairs have been 100% orange before the plants are ready to chop. You need to get a scope.

    I don't know anything about those nutes that you have been using but nutes for soil grows are cheap and work very well. Good luck
  9. I have other nuts for soil but this is the one plant i did with the bc. Thanks for your help:)
  10. You want to look at the trichomes, harvest when cloudy or amber depending on the high you want. But if you don't have a 10x + magnifying glass just look at the girls naughty parts :D The whitepistilss will turn a dark brown/redcolorr. When the majority of thepistilss are the darkercolorr, almost all of them, start harvesting. Your girls are still mainly white. Though I would invest in a magnifying glass to check the trichs. Good luck man!
  11. Something I had forgotten. What did you mean by "dud"? Do mean it tasted like shit or didn't burn right? If that is the case it's probably because the ferts were not flushed out. If you mean something else elaborate...
  12. I just called it a dud because it came out very thin and smelt only like plant once harvested. I had flushed the nuts out before I harvested, I cut off the flowering nuts because I didn't really know how much longer she had to go. I didn't want it to get to late.

    Do you guys think I have time to add nuts again with time to flush?
  13. Well I can't really tell to well by the picture but I think she is near ready, meaning a couple/few weeks. I would say just keep watering her if you've flushed her recently. I'm assuming you have flushed her maybe a couple of days ago since your post was yesterday. Don't throw in any nutes just keep watering her for a couple more weeks. The plant has stored nutes so just keep flushing and hope it will turn... But I'm not an "experienced" grower. I'm only thinking that if you start adding nutes then she gets ready to be harvested you'll have to flush it and not give the plant time to get out all the fertilizers and then the buds will taste like shit and burn like water. Next time you grow keep a calender or a clipboard in the grow room so that you can keep track of the time you've flowered her so you would have an idea of when she would be ready.
    I don't know, if I could physically see them I could be more help but since I can't I only wish you the best of luck!
  14. Ill take the info and luck. Thanks:wave:
  15. Don't waste bud by trying to smoke it after you chopped it. It will be a waste and barely get you high. The THC (a.k.a. crystals, trichromes, resin) has to dry out before it all becomes psychoactive. Wet or non-dry buds = dud buds that don't get you high. Drying times spans anywhere between 5-11 days with 6-8 days being a good average. You also have to cure which is letting the water escpae from the buds but at a slow pace. This is done to ensure that all the trichromes are psychoactive.

    Also your buds look a little leggy, give them more time to flowering and fill in. Do not add any more nutes and continue to give plain water. Patience pays off big time.
  16. stringy buds r never good
  17. I have been skimming the board I have the idea on how to cure them. I just was asking if the bud is stringy because I cut it too soon? Wondering if they will fill in?
  18. First grow never turns out right. I wasn't there so i can't tell you what went wrong, but next time will be better, trust me. Make sure you get a nice dry and cure so that atleast the final result wont be too bad.
  19. Haha yeah lots went wrong. :cool: I still think the final harvest will be fine :rolleyes: The test bud was a "dud" to me because it as stringy. Is the bud stringy just because its immature?

  20. Basically yes, you need to let it flower quite a bit more. Also if you want compact buds keep them closer to the lamp. Lamp closer = compact buds, Lamp further away = stringy buds. My first grow I got stringy buds because I was impatient and kept moving the lamp. Train your ladies to so they don't grow past a certain threshold and touch the lamp, not move the lamp as they grow. Hope this helps.

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