First RooR :)

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  1. Hey everyone, So for my birthday yesterday my Girlfriend and Roommate surprise me with my first RooR.. It is 5mm thick, White Label, and came with an 18.8 RooR diffy and slide.. also while they were in Austin they picked up a heady slide from a local glass blower..:hello:

    My Girlfriend named her "Milky Way" after she took her first lung crushing rip lol.. :smoke: Funny stuff! And I am very pleased with it.

    When I got back to my place I realized I left the camera with the pictures and my 18 mil bowl..
    Luckily my Baby Darby which passed away just a couple weeks ago had a 14 mil diffy that fit just fine.. so I put on my KC inline and made a mild vid...

    Here it is:

  2. Very nice.

    Is the bong close to tipping forward with the inline a/c attached?

  3. Looks nice, congrats.
  4. Not at all! I was pretty surprised how well it worked out. The a/c sits about 3 mm from the surface and there is no wobble.. I'm starting to think the baby darby passed for a reason :p lol.
  5. nice one dude.
  6. sick rip! must have one cool roommate ;)
  7. Thank you everybody!

    I'll try and get up some pictures soon too.

    Ehhh... ya he's alright lol.
  8. Can you tell us where you got it from? Fellow Austinite here looking for a new headshop
  9. That is so nice, I really like the A/C. Yay for the beatles. That was a fat rip too.
  10. Congrats of the ROOR

    btw what are you using to light it ?
    A soldering iron?
  11. Sure buddy! They actually got the tube from the gas pipe.. kinda expensive, but after hanging out with the guys for a little bit they cut the price a tad. BUT they got the slide from BC, which the staff there rocks!! They always make great deals on glass. That's where I have bought both of my Darby Custom's and a couple other things and I would highly suggest them!

    But the A/C is from Kind Creations in CO. Love that place..
    And yea a Hakko soldering iron 456-16? I think lol. I am REALLY stoned so you might wanna check on that… :smoke:

    Again thank you everybody for the kind comments!
  12. Good setup, isn't that hakko amazing?

  13. Dude I love it!! The difference in the hakko between a glow rod or any other form of burning the herb is ridiculous!

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