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    This is my first time growing weed and it's a Reggie Plant. So far, it's coming healthy green and with no problems for now. Sprouted in June/20/2019. They're in order from the beginning to Right now. What y'all think? Any feedback is welcomed!! Thank you and toke up my friends!! Snapchat-880052578.jpg Snapchat-2080748224.jpg Snapchat-378279542.jpg Snapchat-237303663.jpg Snapchat-802322412.jpg Snapchat-1692791080.jpg Snapchat-1901866431.jpg Snapchat-1219687355.jpg Snapchat-24760480.jpg Snapchat-1089043725.jpg Snapchat-1710263139.jpg

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  2. That plant is looking healthy brother! Definitely moving along better then the sprouts I have right now <_<<_<
    Nothing much you can do for them now, just wait and watch them grow.
    And sorry, I don’t mean to be discouraging but I’m not sure that plant will be everything you hope for this grow. I’d assume it’s bag seed, that’s a good start if you’re not to fond on purchasing upscale genetics, but it’ll be a total guessing game. A good learning experience, but you won’t have any idea what you may get out of it or if it’ll be any good, so just keep that in mind but again, don’t let me discourage you. I like seeing newbies learn hands on. :):thumbsup:
    Post some more updates anytime brother!
    I’ll be around these threads and I’m sure you’ll be able to find more friendly people willing to help you out.
    Good luck brother :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  3. Nah bro it's all good, no worries about discouraging me. I'm a newbie to growing weed. Also I love growing plants in general cause I enjoy seeing it grow from seed to a beautiful plant with proper nutrients and care. Yeah it's a bag seed from a Reggie Sac I had. The Nug that the seed came out of was grown pretty good, fluffy,sticky,hella green! So I Just hope it'll turn out as a female and give me some of that bud that it came out of. Here's a pic of the Nug!! 20181214_231126.jpg 20181214_231211.jpg

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  4. :vaping:
    “Reggie”, you say...?
    Looks better then half the “Reggie” I was smoking in my days.. :laughing::laughing::roflmao:
    and I’m still young.. haha..
    Godspeed,my friend..
    Almost reminds me of a story I heard here or maybe on another forum. It goes like this,
    guy gets some weed from a friend and it’s just awful dirt, just as garbage as you would expect to be getting it off a inconsistent source. But, low and behold guy pops a seed that he found in it, and grows out some wicked FIRE.
    Don’t know how true this story is.. but it should be an inspiration to us all.. :roflmao::roflmao:
    But my point is.. growing fire doesn’t always come from the most expected places.. it comes from those who make it happen.. sorry that I’m rambling on.. I love this plant too :laughing:
    Best of luck brother. Hope you find something nice out of her and that you can further your skills.
    Welcome to GC brother!

    Hope to see ya soon!
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  5. Best looking shwag I have ever seen. I would have loved this in 1993!

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  6. Thanks bro, I really appreciate the love and support!! I got question though, I wanna low stress train it so it can be small and bushy. So It can be easier to move it around where there's alot of sun and less noticeable around my neighborhood. It's 1 week and 2 day old. When should I start to LST it?

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  7. Lol sorry that you had to smoke awful ass "SHWAG" back in that era. I bought me a $10 sac of Reggie (Shwag) this Morning and this what my plug gave me! 20190221_062356.jpg

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  8. LST 4 or 5 nodes up (nodes are the spacing in between each set of leaves, a section if you will).
    You want to do it when they are young, but not too young or else they can’t bend far enough the right way, but you also don’t want it too old because the main stalk still needs to be malleable enough to bend. So 4 nodes or more is pretty safe.
    Just start with it tied kind of loose, then gradually tighten your tie a little more as it gets bigger.
    After a bit it’ll stay with the bend, but you can always add more ties on the new growth or even LST the whole season.
  9. Okay thank you! I'll just wait until the 4 nodes comes out. And can I LST it and top it at the same time or is it too much for the plant? Cause I really want it short and bushy!

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  10. You’ll have to LST it first, then once the side growth grows into shoots, you can top those. If you plan on doing both it’d be better that way, rather then just topping first and LSTing the tops from there.
    But yeah, just LST the new tops as well and you should be golden my man.
    I would also do a little defoliating from the bottom later on too, just so that when they have that bushy growth, they can have that extra breathing room as well.
  11. I'll for sure do that!! Thank you for the advice and tips for my first ever weed Grow, Really appreciate it! I'll keep you up to date how it's going. You also said you have some seedling you are starting off as well that mine looks a little better then yours, is there any chance I can see them by sending a pic?

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  12. She’s only about an inch tall. Doesn’t even have her true leaves yet, not much to look at as of now <_<
    I’m still trying to figure out what it is that’s slowing her down. I think it might just be temps, or my lighting situation so I moved her closer to the light just to see if that helps as well. I probably won’t post much on them until she’s about ready. Don’t want to jinx myself too early :cautious::cautious:
  13. What strains are you growing right now?

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  14. Right now I’m running a White Alien fem,
    Purple Majik fem , and a reg of some Powder Cakes. I’m excited about all of them really but I’m really waiting to see how the Powder Cakes and Purple Majik turn out this season. Hoping I get some good phenos with those :confused_2::confused_2:
  15. UPDATE: July/1st/2019 My Reggie Plant is still growing Healthy and Strong. No bad signs so far! I'm using Miracle Gro potting mix soil if y'all were wondering and it's working great as you can see. I read and heard that Miracle Gro soil isn't good to grow Weed and only use fox farm or happy frog soil cause it has all the right nutrients for the plant. Can someone explain to me why that is?!

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  16. Hey come take a look on some of my recent threads your opinion will be much appreciated!!

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  17. Good luck, looks nice.
    Miracle gro can be used but you have to amend it with other soil, it has too many nutes in it and it can burn your plant. It also needs vermiculite in it for drainage. I’m sure you can tell the dirt gets hard. You need to mix vermiculite or perlite in it for watering.
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  18. After it hits week 3 should I just purchase happy frog or fox farm soil and repot it with that? Would it affect the plant changing it from a different type of soil?

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