First Really Successful Cloning Attempt~

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         I've been growing for years, but always from seeds (either ones I made or ordered). I had horrible luck with cloning, and most of them got that brown mushy crap on the roots and on the leaves. It seemed like no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to work, so I thought maybe my work would save someone else time later. I used cheap rooting powder on both sets of clones, no nutrients in the water.
         The first time, I was using a DIY bubble cloner, but I made it out of a small, flat tupperware. Bad idea, if you're going to use a bubble / aero cloner, there needs to be some depth to it, I'd say at least six inches. This time, I got roots in a week by building one out of a 3.5 gal bucket with neoprene discs in the top of the lid, and a small air-pump pushing air through a DIY bubble-maker. (I took drip line, sealed the end, and poked a bunch of holes in the bottom eight inches, works perfectly.).
         To be scientific, I also put five clones into rockwool. I soaked the rockwool in filtered tap water and squeezed them to leave them damp. I put in the powdered cuttings, and put the dome on top. I didn't spray the clones AT ALL, but I did spray the inside of the dome. For the first five days, I saw no activity. The clones were green and perky, but no roots or bumps. I found an old heat-pad we had around the house, and put that under it. Luckily, the temperature is perfect without having to use any cardboard in between. Three days after applying heat, I have thick roots coming out of all five. After the first day, I took the dome off for a few minutes, then the next day, an hour, the third day, an hour, and the fourth day I removed it. I've been using it with the vents open only because I'm using the AC in my house and want them to stay warmer. For lighting I used a small CFL desk lamp, it really doesn't take much, but having a constant (18+ hours / day) source of low light helps.

         So, here's what I learned:
    - Don't spray the clones.
    - Do use bottom heat (make sure it's in that sweet spot though, not too hot!)
    - Do let the cubes get drier. They probably won't even dry totally by the time the roots show, mine didn't. If the're too wet, it will delay things and possibly mold.
    - Take cuttings from a healthy mother plant, include one node below the surface of the medium.
    - Rockwool works fine, but I think Root Riot or Rapid Rooters will work better.


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