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  1. So it's Saturday and it's DnD game day with my fiance's and his friend (of course I'm the only girl there) We end a game with a good Cliffhanger and ask a friend of ours to hang at our place to wind down. Now, my friend is basically an expert in weed products and what they do so I show him my vape pens ive tried using and wouldn't work. He points out I need to use the pen with a button and hold the button down. next he mentions I was inhaling wrong. I was taking to short of puffs for any real effect. So he couches me what I should do and I start my first try. Of course, I did my best and while I'm waiting for the light to blink to "confirm" a full hit, out of NOWHERE I suddenly started choking uncontrollably and even start wheezing (probably from the burning and then device in my chest for seizures activated, which causes my throat to tighten up). Im literally fighting to take a desperate breath of air but my throat wouldn't let up. By nice planning, I was preped for bad side effects and have gotten high on edibles before. After maybe 30 seconds (which felt like minutes to me) I can finally breath but my throat is killing me. after 5 min I started feeling a nice warm feeling which I recognized as a body high and felt nice. Now comparing vape to edibles, I think I prefer edibles because I won't have to deal with always coughing from taking a puff. I'll keep the pen when I travel and such, but I think edibles are better (even if it gives me a stomach ache). Should I continue to work on vaping so I don't cough? or quit while I'm ahead so I dont get some lung deficiency or develop short of breath?
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  2. Its up to you, i encourage smoking/vaping for an instant high usually 0-5mins and your set for a few hours.

    Its on you to decide.
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  3. Well I can agree with u on the instant high cause I can control it till im comfortable but when ai tried on my own and did some decent inhaling, it took maybe 8 puffs and bearly got much out of it. I was also coughing just from short puffs so it was hard to continue at it. I didn't want to risk going through an asthma attack again. I got a little high but gave up cause I got tired of doing it. But I can also guess that because I'm a little resistant the same amount didn't work and needed to inhale more to get the same or better effect
  4. Have you tried a real vape though?
  5. If u mean a different way to vape besides the pen version, no. Only edibles and 2 tries at Vaping. So far edibles are easy to get the effect but cause tummy aches, vaping is easy way to get high but a lot of coughing. It sucks they both have had side effects
  6. Get some shatter, decarb it, infuse in coconut oil and blend into honey.
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  7. Op didn't know how to use the vape pen, you might want to add a how to video. Lol. It doesn't get much better than what you suggested though, that's for sure!
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  8. I’ve got some that’s been in the freezer for 14 months, it’s golden
  9. Awesome. Cold or hot method? Also, true that an eye dropper droplet is a good dose? That sounds appealing

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  10. Cold, we call it the patience patient potion.
    A dropper full? You wanna pass out!?!? :)

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