First Real Outdoor Grow

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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first real attempt at a serious outdoor grow so any advice will be helpfull.. alltho I do have expierence in indoor my outdoor is limited..I will b using this journal to help keep track of my progress so I'm sure ill update often. Lets get started!!! Got my beans in yesterday! 3x super lemon haze from greenhouse. 3x cinderella 99 from g13. 2x pinapple express from g13. 2 free beans royal bluematic and sour diseal both from royal queen.. I soaking the beans for 24 hours and then placing in rapid rooter plugs and humidity dome
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    Ok so no that I kinda have this posting thing figured out looks like I'm ready to update as often as I can...I also wanted t mentioin I have 3 bagseeds and awaiting about 3 clones of tangerine dream. This is a pic of were all the magic begins..and also my drip bucket jelepeno plant
  3. Cool bro. have you a spot for your plants? I just started my outdoor as well. I had to go scouting. I got the spot and the plants are in the hole at an undisclosed spot. This should be interesting and a challenge this summer. Good luck bro. I also have a super lemon haze. The end product is amazing. got a half zip a few days ago. it reeks bro!
  4. I actually did a lot of scouting and came up with what I think is the ultimate spot. I've got almosf all my supplies. Fox farm soil.. 5 to seven gallon dirt pots..I plan on getting 3 ten gallon dirt pots for the super lemon! Keep me updated on yours

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