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  1. So I wanted a project to take up my free time over the winter and decided to turn a spare bedroom into a grow room. I started with 24 feminized seeds and 20 of them came to life and are doing well. Started them in solo cups under florecent lights, transplanted after 2 weeks to 3gallon grow bags with roots organic soil. Started nutes 3 days after transplant using soul synthetics and roots organics recipe. They are in their 1st week of flower, 3 early widow, 5 critical, 2 cheese, 4 afghan skunk, 2 ak 47, 2raw diesel and 2 black diesel. All are around 14 to 20 inches under 2 1000 watt hps light. Temps are 78 to 82 lights on and 68 lights off. I know there are many variables but what do you think my potential yield could be? Hope to hear back from some experienced growers!
  2. Good way to measure is 1 gram per watt sound sounds good though like everything's going well throw up some pics

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  3. I'll get pics up soon.
  4. A gram a watt would be nice. But I'll take 1/2 a gram too.
  5. You should check out the organic growing section here, since you seem interested. I've learned a ton in a short time, and my young crop is doing amazingly well.
  6. Yeah IMO

    Organic = better taste but if you Juice them they grow hella fast and taste great still

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  7. Yes I agree, organic/soil grow produces better flavor.. Can't wait till first harvest
  8. Oh I know what you mean I'm in the middle of my first scrog and really want it to finish already

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  9. Anyone else have an opinion on yield?

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