First Rave AND First Roll Tonight!!

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Sup guys. The day has finally come tonight after much waiting and anticipation. I'm gonna be going to LA for a rave where DJ Tiesto while be playing the entire time. It's gonna be the first rave I've ever been to and I'm gonna be thizzin for the first time too. My birthday was just on Tuesday too, so this is gonna be one sick birthday present. Just thought I'd let you guys know. :D

  2. good luck on finding some decent beans
  3. Cool! I'm going to be there too! Look for a white guy that stands 6'1".. hard to miss me.
    If you have never gone before, and don't know much about the culture, it's all bright colors and everyone is rollin. So be sure to take 2 so you can feel the full effects.

    Next week in San Bernardino is another massive. It's called SPACE OPERA!! Be there ;)

    EDIT: Quick question, do you know what you are going to be taking? Because if you have the chance, take a blue apple with a pink dolphin. You'll be walking in circles.
  4. Oh sweet that'd be crazy if we ran into each other. I'm an Asian guy that stands 6'1" haha. Yea I've never gone but I've done reading up on it and my friend that I'm going with has been to like 8 raves so it'll be all good. Yea I'm taking 2 of them for sure. Dunno what they are yet, but I'm know they'll be legit.
  5. Nice, DJ Tiesto is awesome
  6. tiesto is an aight dj, but hes so fuckin over-rated. if your gunna go to a trance rave, at least go see atb, armin van buuren, or corsten.. but, hope you enjoy it
  7. Yea I honestly would take ATB over Tiesto any day, mostly cause of personal preference of style. But still, considering this is my first rave and I SHOULD be rollin (fuckin friend's hook flaked out so we're gonna need to pickup inside), ATB or Tiesto, it won't matter because I'll be in HEAVEN.
  8. man them LA raves are outta prepared to see ASS all night long...hoochies in tiny lil skirts and booty shorts...chicks grinding on each other and some how you end up in the middle of the grind...fuckin exstacy feeling right there. Raves are not my thing but I try to go to the biggest raves on New Years. have fun and grab some female ass for me.
  9. I'm starting to regret ever losing my thizzle-cherry..


    Eh, just the comedown off it is fucking ridiculously beat.
    Feel like piss..
  10. yeah nonetheless if your rolling it should be badass. if you ever get a chance to go to a good hardstyle rave then do it, rolling while listening to trance and hardstyle are totally different and are fun in their own different ways, have fun thoo
  11. How was your first roll/rave. You've been goin on and on about this for the past few weeks, so I assume yu'll have a blast. I thizzed last night too, im comming downa nd it fucking SUCKS. We'll I've BEEN comming down for a few hours. got work in 2 hours. lol

    hope you had fuun
  12. Fuck working the next day after thizzing.
    That shit's no good, I don't do it if I know I got work the next day.
  13. I basically work everyday of the week, so there is no thizzin on the day off. It's all gravy, I'm sober, jus got that comedown feeling, can still drive like normal n shit.
  14. Hey hope you had fun dude!! Raves are awesome and Los Angeles isn't a horrible rave scene either. You definatly gotta come to the dance capital of the USA though, Miami=D Best house music you'll ever listen to! Club Space blows just about any club out of the water. Did you roll balls?? You probably didnt have to take 2 for your first time, especially being at a rave because it just makes you roll harder=D.

    Anyway take it easy and if you feel like shit today just remember it was a drug and youll feel normal soon.

    Last night was fucking AMAZING. HOLY SHITTTTTTT. For those who haven't ever been to a rave/rolled, I can't even come CLOSE to describing that shit.

    So we got inside at around 9:30 and we planned to all take our pills at 10:00. So after the longest 30 minutes of my life, it was finally 10:00 and me and JK, J, and N each took 1 Yellow Dolphin and D took 3 Green Xboxes. We got the pills for 10 each. JK and D are experienced ravers/rollers, while it was all our first times for J, N, and me. I was hoping it was gonna hit me at 10:30, but eventually it got there and I didn't feel shit and neither did JK, J, and N, but D started his roll. So I kinda started to worry, but I agreed to wait till 11:00 before popping another one. N however decided he couldn't wait that long so he popped a Green Xbox at around 10:40.

    So 11:00 finally rolled by and JK, J, and me didn't really anythign at all. I chose to take a Green Xbox this time because the Yellow Dolphin didn't do anything. JK and J did the Yellow Dolphins again because there weren't any Green Xboxes left. I was just waiting for it to hit me, but everyone else started getting into their rolls before I had even felt anything and they were having a blast. This kinda caused me to bad trip because I felt left out and thought I wasn't gonna be able to roll at all, so I called D over and told him I was bad tripping. So he busted out this little mini massage glow light machine (hopefully some of you guys know what I'm talking about) and massaged the top of my head and it felt pretty damn good that it started to make me happy and kickstart my roll.

    So a lil while after that I started rolling, but I wouldn't be able to pinpoint an exact time when it hit me - I kinda just phased into it. Then it was fucking goooood times after that. I looked around the entire arena and it was fucking packed with people and the music was fucking bumping and it felt like I died and went to Heaven. I sat down and got lightshows which were fucking ridiculous. And cigarettes, oh my god. I'm a smoke pretty often sometimes depending and how I feel, but damn, cigarettes have never tasted that bomb in my life. I also brought gum along and that tasted really good as well.

    Normally I'm a really shy person, but when I was rolling I would just go up to random people and offer them gum or cigs and shit. And to see the look and their faces when they realized what was going was fucking awesome. It felt so tight to just give people shit. And then we'd talk after I gave it to them and I'd tell them, "Dude this is my first roll at my first rave for my fucking birthday! Best present I could ever ask for!" And then some people would just get a huge smile on their face and be like "Damn man congratulations and happy birthday!" and give me a hug. Some dudes even gave me full water bottles for free. Fucking so tighttttt.

    And the lightshows. OMG. FUCKING LIGHTSHOWS! It's so damn chill to just sit on the floor and have someone give you one while you're getting a massage. It's a fucking trip - I got so damn entranced into it while bobbin my head to the bass. Daaaaamn.

    So then after a good time of fucking ROLLING my ass off, I started coming down a bit so my friend found a hook for me. He was gonna charge $20 for Blue Swans that he had (fucking ridic), but I told him all I had was $15 and showed him and he agreed to give one to me for $15. When I took that it fucking brought my roll back sooooo hard. But I don't think I was getting enough water and it might have been a lil too much MDMA in my system so I started feeling tired and drained. So D helped me to the second level where I just sat in the seats and relaxed. The view of the entire first level was fucking SOOO SICK. It was mindblowing and so beautiful. Fucking a sea of people all rolling and having one crazy ass time together. So I just chilled in the seats and got lightshows, smoked cigs, talked to people, and danced in my seat. I also got to experience Vick's Nasal Spray. FUCKING HEAVEN DUDE. And after a while I started to feel a lot better and still had my roll. So I went back down and just had a great time.

    Unfortunately, my roll ended before Tiesto finished playing but it was still chill. The music was still good, lightshows were okay, but it was definitely still fun to talk to people who were rolling.

    And the BEST part I think is that I have no comedown at all. I'm just pretty tired, but that's understandable after all that dancing and stuff, but I'm feeling as happy as ever. It's so awesome.

    I don't know if I missed any major things, but if I did I'll come back and edit them. This was the seriously sickest experience I've ever had in my life. Sooooo amazing. I'm gonna hit up Nocturnal Wonderland for sure now.

    Life is BEAUTIFUL.



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