First Press Vinals

Discussion in 'General' started by Ean, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. So my girlfriends birthday is in about a month and i was thinking ahead as to what to get her. She collects vinyls and i think she would really love some first press Simon and Garfunkel records. I searched Ebay and came up with nothing same with on Anyone have another place were i can find them?
  2. Dunno but maybe you'll find more if you spell it Vinyl ;)
  3. yeah i know i just realized i spelled it wrong in the post my asshole friend changed alot of my keys on my keyboard for april fools and im still getting use to them being back in the same place
  4. i found 2 thanks to google :hello:
  5. Haha why didn't ya just change them back before you got used to them being in the wrong spot? Good April Fool's joke, though :) Props to your buddy
  6. it was actually fun for awhile to learn to type with leters in differnt places plus on my keyboard they were really hard to pop off and back on
  7. hahaha good idea on his part

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