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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TheHumanChillum, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. whats going on everyone ive been reading hear for a pretty long time but just registerd today..ive been smoking for a few years and consider myself pretty seasoned. im up here in connecticut and got hit hard by this blizzard..last night i smoked a good deal and just stared up at that sky when it was snowing real hard. after staring at the snowflakes over my head for some time i felt like i was traveling in an upwards spiral in outerspace. it was really cool, very enjoyable. slid off the road into a snowbank though not too long after haahaha no one hurt though
  2. ^

    haha, yeah you probably shouldnt do that while driving... I've been watching the snow come down on the weather channel. No snow in Atlanta... pretty damn cold though!

    Oh, and welcome!
  3. hahaha no this was before we got in the car... and i wasnt driving i was in the back. thanks for the welcome
  4. Welcome to the city :D

    Moving this to Introduce Yourself.
  5. Welcome to the city...
  6. Hey im new here to glad to meet cha Peace.
  7. Welcome to the city :)
  8. Welcome to your new home on the 'Net. :D :wave:

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