First post- PC grow + Journal?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by BenDoverrr, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. I'm new to the forums and started my grow about a week ago. Finally decided to register here after quite a bit of research leading me back here.
    My set up is a bit dinky, but I have a plan for the future.
    This is bagseed from an unknown strain
    Soil- Miracle Grow (Despite all the people saying not to, it was easily accessible to me)
    1 13w CFL (Planning for more)
    RGB LED strips (Originally as a test, set at a 5:1 ratio R : B )
    2 PC Fans, front intake and rear exhaust
    The PC case is a <span class="skimwords-potential"><span class="skimwords-potential"><span class="skimwords-potential">Dell Optiplex 760</span></span></span> Mini tower


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  2. Oh my a three leaf one? That's pretty cool

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  3. I was concerned about it at first, being my first grow I did not know what to expect, but your reaction seems hopeful.
    All I've seen is 2 leaves but was wondering if 3 is common as well?
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  4. what would help you out in the long run is dolomite lime .I just got some it was $11 USD .Mix a litle of that in your waterings in jevenile stage .Its a calcium supplement, an stuff mostly for stabilizing ph so plants can absorb the nutrients .What will you be using for flowering .I would reccomend roses dry fertilizer the box kind .Put at middle of flowering lol did it to jalapenos .Pockets were light to at the time .
  5. I might have to try that. I plan to stress train it to keep it low. Any thing else that would help?
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    You can run this LST method top when the two tops get certain size regrow from each top FIM (fuck i missed ) the plant right after .This will send signals down low to start forming no popcorn .

    Or you can grab some soft twisty ties from amazon cheap is hell for thin one for thick fat ones little more money .
    for outdoor growing I'd use those above

    for indoor LST i'd put a bunch of rubber bands hanging from each plant of every single side and extra a lot. to pull them branches down . rubber bands won't hurt the plant .step 1 You can let it get tall then lay the plant side ways with the rubber band step 2 As it grows spiral the main cola around the pot . see the pic is step 1

    You can also HST (high stresss training ) break a branch for more nutrinets to run up the branches . pic 2 is a HST method

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  7. When is a good time that I should start the LST? As I said, I'm already 1 week in, but I want to start training as soon as possible
  8. i cant see what your saying
  9. When is the earliest that I can start training them
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    Oh and i only HST them monster outdoor strains oh shoot my bad yeah you still have a long ways don;t screw with your plant right now
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    This is it now, only being a few inches tall
    How much longer should I wait?

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    i cant wait to get my snowryder beans man i ordered 10 im super pump siting down waiting tapping fucking knees jk .Ever consider running you a dwarf get two dwarf varieties make a shit ton a beans
  13. What are reliable places to order from? I looked into it, but it didn't sit right with me. Didnt want to get ripped off
  14. What an adorable little mutant . Couple more weeks for any training dude, the idea is to make more areas for buds to grow. You only have single bladed leaves so id wait another 2 nodes.

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  15. So 2 or 3 weeks maybe?
  16. im telling bro fuck with herbies .They hook it up right .i research long time before i put my trust into them .thats the good thing i never get breeder packs either fuck em .And you can wait to lst whenever you feel is best i'd wait like a month
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  17. Yep give it another 15-20 days to get some nodes goin

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    1456443296676.jpg Here she is today. Please excuse the odd lines, I guess that's the LEDs mixed with the cfl messing with the camera

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    Does anyone know why the leaves are curling like that? The led light are typically on, but I turned them off to take the picture since they create a weird pattern when I try to take a photo. I'm thinking that since it's surrounded by light it doesn't know where to grow to, or I may have watered too much[​IMG]
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  20. Be careful not to over water them, that's what it looks like. Just let them chill for a day without any water and watch them perk back up. Although you have to be wary of undrrwatering as well which coincidentally looks identical to overwatering

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