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First post, need opinions on starting up my mary jane habit once again :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Vapist, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking for about two years now, the longest period of time being the first 6 months of this year vaping everyday until my unit got confiscated... I stopped the everyday habit for awhile and smoked with friends every now and then. I pretty much used to self medicate for anxiety and depression with mj and the vaporizer seemed to be much less of an edgy, paranoid high compared to smoking. When I smoked with friends over the past couple months I kept getting really self conscious and nervous.

    This eventually led to the use of opiates in social situations over the summer. The buzz that painkillers give me completely opened me up just like alcohol does, without the disgusting side effects. I've researched opiates enough to know what's safe and what's not but i can still feel the addiction creeping up on me.

    This brings me to the point of this thread. I've recently bought another vaporizer that should be coming in today and in my opinion, weed will, and has before kept me away from other drugs. I also drank almost everyday over the summer with friends just because I didnt have access to weed anymore. Does anyone else think that getting a good buzz a couple times a day from pot can help ease the urge to keep doing other drugs?
  2. Only way you will know is by trying it.

    Keep it natural buddy.
  3. I've not got any experience with other drugs...but on a different forum I sometimes go on there was a guy who apparently used to be into heavy stuff (Heroin, Crack...) and he had addiction problems - he SAID his dad used to buy him weed coz it REALLY helped his cravings...

    I reckon go for trying weed MAY get a bit paranoid and whathave ya but once you get back into it they go away.

    If you can get Aurora Indica seeds I reckon you should try growing yourself some
  4. First off welcome to the city.

    And yeah, it helps to have a healthier vice to keep you away fromthe more dangerous ones. Good luck op.
  5. Thanks guys, really appreciate the advice so far!
  6. Welcome to the city man and pot is pretty awesome because it's not addictive. Well for the most part haha but I'm doin fine and haven't smoked in idk how long, haven't kept track. If I was you though I would experiment with psychedelics, they're fuckin awesome:smoking: Pot is great though too, helps you keep things in moderation unlike most other drugs.

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