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  1. Hello! I have a plant in its second week of 12/12 lighting, and I've got some yellowing leaves near the bottom of the plant. Any ideas on what the issue is? It's in FFOF w/ perlite and has added nutrients from the GH floraseries.

    These pictures are all of the bottom area of the plant, the top part looks very green and healthy. Any thoughts or advice welcome! Thanks.
  2. Leaves (old growth) will die off all throughout the life of the plant. And later into the flower cycle, your plant will experience a big shedding of it's leaves when the plant starts pulling the sugars stored in them out to use as energy to finish the buds. But looks to me like you might have something going on here. Do you let the plant dry out to DEAD DRY every time before watering it again? You should be able to lift the pot and feel no weight before you give more water or feed. Do you manage the pH of your water and feed before giving it. Watering out of pH range for a long period of time can lock up the roots on your plant and make it hard to take in the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Have you fed it anything and if so, what and how long ago. Did you let it dry out too much before you watered last time. They use more of some nutrients than others during flower and sometimes you have to supplement those....thus the feeding. Could be a myriad of things. But if your new growth is looking good, correct coloring (deep rich blue/green), it's nothing much. If it's been in that soil for a long time it's probably a bit hungry. But need to know more. TWW
  3. Would be nice to have a pic of the whole plant to see what it looks like in comparison to the bottom. Can you throw one up?
  4. that's a nitrogen deficiency...the plants are stealing from where there is nitrogen and delivering it to new growth at the top...correct by giving it a good Veg food with the correct ec..(usually 1.5) should do ya good at that stage in Veg....good luck and good grows keep us posted also watch the run off ph...and next time post all the info you have on the plant so we can try and can never post too.much info ...only too little...


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  5. download_20170702_221324.jpg 20170702_211222 (1).jpg
  6. AHAM... that yellowing is natural for a plant that big it's just shedding off some lower leaves that don't hit light using the sugars elsewhere on the plant. Although technically those leaves are having the nitrogen sucked out....IT'S NOTHING to worry about as long as it doesn't move up the plant. add some cal mag to your nute solution to avoid those issues as well...

    That's why posting good pics and more info is good...when I said nitrogen deficiency....I was looking only at you with that pic although the yellowing is nitrogen....the diagnosis is different. that plant looks good...keep it going Dude..

    good luck and good grows keep us posted.

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  7. Yeah, plant is fine. Yellowing from lack of light at the bottom of the plant, and it's totally normal. Expect more to yellow and die off. Just make sure it doesn't happen rapidly, otherwise it could be an indication of a different problem.

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