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First Plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by guLLy, Jun 2, 2009.

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    When I'm done germinating, what do you suggest I start my first plant in? Cup, pot or ground. Should I buy soil or use some from my parents old garden? It's just bagseed practice until I get a headies seed from my friend.
  2. A good sized pot, about a gallon, until it is large enough to show sex.

    Read the stickies, lots of stuff about soil.
  3. yeah, I'd say use a pot because you get better control. and also I would use some good organic soil. I tryed using miracle gro for my last grow and they have time released ferts so that would affect my plants when I tried to feed them nutes so dont use miracle gro, moral of the story. haha.
  4. how big does a plant usually get in a 5 gallon bucket..and how much is the average yield..
  5. There really is no set amount... a 5 gallon pot is going to allow the plant to grow to a good 5 feet im sure, but make sure you begin flowering around a foot and a half or even 2... it also depends on the nutes you use and environment and plenty of other things as far as yield go. good luck.

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