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  1. This is my first plant. She's had trial and errors but at day 113 not too bad. [​IMG] I had to lst because of cabinet height vs width lol so 1 plant using 2 cfls the [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] going to add 2 more cfls but heat will be an issue. Live in GA and it's already 90. She has some budding starting I think [​IMG]

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  2. Sorry about the pics being upside down, I can't seem to figure out how to edit them. This plant I took over about 2 months after someone else started growing it. He had let it stretch and had it held up with pipe cleaners, and never fed it anything but water. Once I took over I started using nutes, and ph'd water, (recently raised from 5.5 to 6.6ish.). The nutes I use are
    Flora nectar 5ml, floramicro 5ml, floragrow 7ml, 1/4 tsp unsulfered molasses, 5ml cal-mag, 4ml florabloom and 1ml silica. Once I get it all in the container, I check the ppm's and it's usually around 1150ppm, I dump about 1/2 the mixture into another container add more water until the ppms are between 600 and 650.
    I have the 2 43w cfl's and intend on adding at least 2 more. Heat is an issue because it's in the garage and we live in GA. Not too sure what I'm going to do about that except fans. Right now I have a 12inch fan blowing and a small fan blowing from the vent in. Haven't done the out vent yet as affordability need to wait til the first. Any suggestions or improvements would be appreciated.
  3. Trimmed the leaves so the light can penetrate. Not sure if I did too much or not lol

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  4. squeez thoes stems and bend them out dont be scared to pull the leaves off seriously dude destroy the plant and in about a week you will see more growth and faster growth. Also id check your PH and nutrients theres a little bit of leaf burning. other than this good budget grow man :)
  5. Yup the ph has been corrected, and nutes all set. Thanks for the response :)
  6. Wow you stripped her down to nothing?

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