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  1. I thought I would finally post a few pictures.
    I would say that this plant overall has had a slowed growth rate.
    It wasnt until about a month into the grow that I realized the lights I was using
    were at about 4700K. I was using Lights of America plant light florescent lights.
    I finally switched to CFL's at 5500K. The 6500K were too big for my set up.
    Also, I used Scott's premium top soil. Tthere is no indication on the bag
    about nutrients which I thought was odd. But it has Pete moss and some other things.
    I first had it in Miracle grow's Organic potting soil. That scared me a bit. I had little mites crawling all around. Two of my plants died and the other survived. Thats when I transplanted it into a larger pot and the different soil. I think something was eating the roots.
    I nuked the soil in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I read this somewhere, doing that with organic soil. Guess it didnt do anything to stop the little buggers.
    After a few weeks I used Miracle Grow's acid loving plants plant food. I searched on this site regarding this but I didnt find much. Also its hard to check the pH levels because the plant food turns the water blue.

    I have a couple of questions about the pictures. First is, why do you think there are not too many branches on the plant (and leaves)? I see other photos with at least twice as many. Is it because it's stretching? I think I need lights underneath.
    Also, when the plant flowers, where do the pistels appear? I kinda feel like much isnt going to happen when I start flower stage.
    I want to start the flowering stage soon, but it just looks like its not worth it at this time. Any thoughts?

    Lastly, I bought Dynamite plant food (general purpose). I didnt realize it was in pellet form. Can I grind the pellets into a powder and use it this way?

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  2. WOW!!! If that plant is over a month old, then YES it's growth is SLOWED! It appears the pot it's in is VERY SMALL! As for the lacking branches, is it a feminized seed? Males appear "Less Full" than females.
    Check out some of the "Grow Journals" to get an idea of how far along your plant is. It's growth appears to be around a week and a half old to 2 weeks old.

    Here's a pic to help you with the Pistil location.
  3. Without more information I can guess that your plant isn't getting enough light and that the source of the light is too far from the plant. You're growing an indica that is more stretched than I'd expect a sativa. More light in the 6500K range should help slow the stem stretch and encourage those inner branches. If you flowered that plant today I'd think you'd harves 10 to 14 grams if you gave it about 10 weeks.

    As far as your soil and nutrients go... I've tried growing with junk from Home De Pot and it just doesn't end very well ever. Find a Hydro store, or at the minimum a real nursery, to get your stuff from. Go organic if you're going to do soil, it's way better for the plant and results in less burning.
  4. Thanks for the comments.
    I appreciate the picture DeadbyDawn,
    and thanks for the info on lights and soil 2Lazy.

    The other thing that is happening is that when I water my plant it goes into shock
    for a day or two. Then it starts growing again fast.
    So the first day I think its gonna die (drops heavily). Then a day later new growth occurs and
    the leaves become a nice deep green again.
    I wait for the soil to dry out. I stick my finger almost 2 inches into the soil to check.
    I wouldnt call it 'bone-dry' but very dry.

    Also, anyone have info on grinding plant food pellets to use in water?

  5. The water shock can be caused by using cold water. You should be using room temperature, if not a few degrees warmer to water your plants. Straight from the tap is going to freak your plants out.

    Also, the droopiness is normal and expected after watering at this time in the plants life. The roots are strong enough to pull up a lot of moisture, but the leaves aren't as developed as they could be and it's like having a huge engine strapped to a car without tires.

    I don't know about grinding food pellets, but my guess is that you could do it. Just make sure they are completely disolved before adding. Start with just a little bit and then go up from there.
  6. I have added some lighting. I addes a 2700K for the heck of it and a 4700K I had as well. So I have lights surrounding the plant (the two 5500K are above).
    The plant has grown significantly since my first post. Definitely a few inches, and additional leaves have been growing up the stem.
    Do new stems keep popping out of the top? It seems like this could just keep on going for awhile as long as I transplant it.

    The problem I am having now is that in this (less than a week) growth spurt, the new leaves are BIG compared to the rest of plant.
    The leaves cannot seem to hold their own weight. The plant is just over a foot and is looking nice. I dont want to push my luck transplanting it to something else to keep it growing. Being my first time grow, should I just start vegging it?

    Some new pictures.

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  7. One more thing. Im just reading now (I dont know why I didnt come across this before) that I should probably switch light cycles.
    Im still on 24/7. I didnt realize the plant can double to triple its height in that period of time.
    Since I am pretty much maxed out on my root space (only about 1.2 or 1.3 gallons)....should I go ahead and transplant to a larger pot? And then switch the light cycle at the same time?
  8. Im no pro (as you know) but i would transplant, then switch after it grows a bit more.

    but hey, im just as much of a newb as you haha.
  9. You must be psychic. I was probably transplanting my plant as your were typing that.
    Thanks for the advice.

    So when I took it out of its old container, I saw that the roots covered ALL of the soil so I think they wanted more room.
    I was very very careful with the transplant, however I still think there was some shock.

    New Questions:
    1) Is it a problem if there is a gap at all between the root and dirt from the previous pot and the new dirt. As I sat the dirt in I think I could tell that the bottom of the dirt ball didnt quite reach the bottom of the hole I made (irregular fit). But I didnt want to touch it anymore and move it around. So I left it that way.....I am hoping that time, gravity, and water will bring it all together.
    2) Should I wait to water? I will be moving to a 15-30-15. So I am thinking that after the shock of the transplant I should give it a day to settle in before shocking it with different nutes.
    3) Some of the roots are at the top of the soil. I had less soil than I thought. Is this an issue? I just returned some soil because I thought I didnt need it. I dont want to buy a huge bad to put a half inch of soil on top. What could I use? I am out of perlite too. Can I just get some dirt from outside for an additional half inch to put on top?

    Here are the photos of the transplant.

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  10. It's good to see that your plant has made a turn around! Congratulations!
    1. The rootball will settle with watering, as you speculated.
    2. I personally like to water when I transplant. It helps get the old soil and the new soil into the same moisture level and therefor give your roots the ability to start spreading out. Just because you're switching up in nutes doesn't mean you CAN'T give your plant one watering with JUST water?! I'd use straight water on this watering and start the new nutes on the next watering.
    3. exposed roots will start to turn into stem material. More than likely your plant is big enough that IF this does happen, the rest of the root system will be able to sustain the plant. I personally wouldn't worry about it too much, but if you have the means to correct it then DEFINITELY do it.
    Good Luck! :smoking:
  11. I probably should. But I just realized I want to start using tap water instead of distilled. And I forgot to let the water sit. So I just put some in a container about 6 hours ago. Im gonna wait till tomorrow so the water can sit 24 hours. I think im gonna use nuts though. But only 1/4 to 1/2 of the amount.

    Thanks again for the info. watching your thread. Keep up the good work.

    OH! I saw Evil Dead the music when it was on Broadway 3 years ago. Freaking awesome. Cant believe it only stayed on for a few months.
  12. my guess would be that the shock came from the environment change.

    for ? number 2, i would say maybe give them a little water and some kind words to calm them down.
  13. Only reason I'm posting is this. I was reading this entire thread and I came to post by DeadbyDawn of a picture and saw your fan. I use the same damn 4$ fan from wal mart. The batteries dont last long and i cant find a transformer for it have you? whats it for?
  14. It looks like you have a few more inches of headspace in your bucket. Why not add some more soil to cover the exposed roots?
  15. Yeah, I was just trying to figure out if I could grab some dirt from outside to put on top. I don't want to bag of soil. I mean, if I need to, then I will...I have already invested enough time that I don't want to do something wrong.

    As for the fan....yeah doesnt last very long. You probably just need to check the voltage requirements for it and go to radioshack and pick one up. They have transformers that have changeable plugs and voltage settings.
  16. Bringing dirt from your yard into your house is a VERY bad idea. And I'm not just saying so, I'm also a member of that club.

    Anyway, outside dirt usually has too much clay and bugs, for use in an indoor garden. Expect things like root rot, those soil gnats, maybe even mites. It's just such a better idea to get bagged, organic, STERILE, soil.

    I'm not saying that you have to spend a lot of money though. Small bags of potting soil sell as low as $4 at my local nursery, that's less than many a hamburger I've had in my day.
  17. I figured I would ask this question in the same thread so I dont take up space with a new one.
    When it's lights out for my baby.....will she (and I do believe its a she =) ) start to droop within an hour or so from not having light?
    And will this occur every day? Or will it get use to having less light and not sag so much.
    I think my plant has had a history of this though. The leaves are pretty big up top. When I give her water she does perk up. But I checked on her quickly after the timer set the lights to off, and she quickly became sad looking.
  18. Ya know, I've NEVER checked on my plants once the lights are out! LOL! Exposing your girls to light during their dark period could cause stress and hermi them!
    My girls are a bit droopy in the morning, but turn up toward the lights in about an hour. If your plant looks healthy and isn't showing any other signs, I'd let it go for now and just keep your eye out for other signs. Also, keep her dark period AS DARK AS POSSIBLE!
    Good Luck! :smoking:
  19. It's asleep. This is what they do. Just let it be, the less attention you throw at her the better.
  20. I took a few more photos. Its only been about a week since flowering and she has grown another 5 inches. She took off because I replanted her in a 5 gallon the same time I started to flower her.

    More questions for you guys:
    1. It has been about 5 days like I said..well maybe 4. I keep thinking i'm going to see them start to bud, but then another stem pops out. Will this continue to happen? I still can't seem to grasp where the buds grow from. Because in the middle of the stems, where I have been told they start to grow, more stems and leaves keep popping up! oh, well, at least she is growing.

    2. Also, I don't have the door sealed. There is a very thin space between the door and frame. The door is exposed to light in the hallway so I am sure a tiny tiny crack of light exists. Is this destroying its ability to flower? I go to bed late. Around 1 am. I have the light timer set at 12/12. But for sure, when I go to bed, there is absolutely on light from 1-7am. The closet is dark the other hours except for this tiny crack.

    3. I still havent figure out why her leaves are so droopy. Im pretty sure it isnt over watering. I have made sure the soil was completely dry each time I watered. Any other possible reasons?

    4. She (I think) has the two antennas growing at every node. Does this mean she is a .....she?


    After this I won't post any more photos until she really starts to flower.

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