FIRST plant - could use some tips & more advice - pix

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by NewJackCity, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. hey everyone - below you will see the pix of my first attempt - started it outdoors brought it in about 2 weeks ago - plan on going bucket hydro i just still need to get the nutes and some damn air hoses - - - using a 400W HPS

    when can/should i transplant the plant to the hydroton? and when i do do i just rise off the roots with warm water and place the roots in the medium?

    also - is there any way i can tell what this is? lol

    can anyone give me an estimate on how far along they think the plant may be? i did not keep track of the growth dates - rookie mistake

    thanks in advance for any and all advice
  2. could really just use some extra guidance - i think i did most of my homework on the subject but if anyone else could give some pointers i would appreciate it

  3. as along as you have everything for your bucket hydro set up, that plant is ready to be put into hydrotons. just pull all the dirt and the plant out together and submerge the dirt/roots in water and rinse them of the dirt. then put them in your net pot and put hydrotons around them, make sure the plant is deep enough in the medium so it will stand up straight. good luck

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