First plant a Male? please help me figure out the sex :D

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  1. Greatings Thes are my Three babies I have been growing since March 22nd-
    Plant 1 seems to be a male to me. Unless its the buds im looking at but i really don't think it is. looks like a sack of balls to me. The plant 2 whitch is the second tallest one seems to me to be a sativa type and a female. as I see it has big fat finger like leafs and it seems to have the sex type of a female. the 3rd plant which is in the red planter seems to be a indica type plant a female i believe its showing signs of long short finger like leafs along with female sex type. Do I have this right?.
    Thank you for your thoughts :D


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  2. The first two are males - I would get those out of there ASAP before they release their pollen (I really hope they haven't yet)... if they release that you are going to HATE it. The rest of the pictures I can't see anything clearly enough to tell you.
  3. The first 2 pics look like males to me. Females usually take longer to show their sex than males. Id say the other ones havent showed sex yet so good odds on being a female.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. I was Expecting the first plant to be a male. Ill be moving the red planter into a bigger pot it seems to be to big for that little pot. How you think my other two babies doing?
  5. your other plants are looking pretty healthy to me buddy keep up the good work. whats your setup like.
  6. im runnin a dirt cheap system lol. when your only getting 921 amonth to live on not much you can buy. using 400watt HPS lighting waiting on getting another 400watt HPS at the end of the month for my bday :D may 31st have plenty of ventilaztion i have it setup in my central AC closet so when my ac runns (like every hour on the hour lol im in texas) it keeps nicely cool at 86.7 degrees and drops to 65-67 at night. started 12-12 on april 14 i was getting inpatient and wanted to force flower to find the males. using some seeds of some good bud i got from a homie. im using a cheap soil and water ph tester from home depot keeping soil around 6.8-7 and watering with spring water with ph 7 using foxfarm ocean and a box fan to provide wind. 3.5g pots

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