first pipe

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by pipedreamdan, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. got it from my buddy along with a small amount of dank. i only took a pic of the pipe because my phones camera cannot display its greatness. anywho.. first pipe!! :smoke:
  2. a good first pipe for sure. congratz :smoke:
  3. I like the colors, though the bowl looks kind of small. Nice piece for a first pipe.
  4. I had one almost exactly the same.
    Great choice!
    little glass spoons like that are a great first item.

    ps: i am high as fuck right now.
  5. Sick first peice dude.

    Hopefully it doesnt end up like my first piece, broken in half and taped together, but surprisingly it still rips. Thats why we call him old faithful.
  6. Haha super glue can do wonders, you'll be surprised.

    Broke Bowl/Stem from Bubbler, A little Glass Glue and it was still hittin like a champ.

    Be careful not to wash it with isopropyl alcohol though, the glue will come off :(
  7. O ya man, the stem in my double perc delta9 bong broke in half and I used gorilla glue and it fit back together perfectly.

    Ive actually been meaning to superglue my pipe, but then again Ive been meaning to do a lot of shit lately..:smoking:
  8. that pipe was dirty as hell i soaked it in rubbing alcohol and go in it with q tips. now its like spotless. the bowl isnt very big but its not really small i love it.

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