First piece!

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  1. This is my first piece I have ever owned. I bought it used from a friend for 15 bucks. It's dirty, What are some ways to clean it? I think I'm gonna call her Blue.

  2. Also the bowl is a little bigger then I would like but it's ok, I'm just happy to have my own piece.
  3. Nice piece. Always love the swirls.

    Get a sandwich bag and put a little bit of iso (find at a drug store, if you don't have any and your desperate simple green or even dawn and water might be helpful) and salt then shake the shit out of it as much as you can - let it sit for 10 or so minutes and repeat. Using a paper clip if some of it won't budge.

  4. Alright I'l be sure to try this. Thank you.
  5. I used some water and a towel to clean the bowl, That's spotless now. The only thing not clean is inside the stem.
  6. I've heard that paper clips can be harmful to glass, try using q-tips before you jam a paper clip in there
  7. I used to have a bowl just like that, except it was clear and had different fuming. I loved mine and I hope you get as much joy out of yours :smoke:

  8. I hope I do! :smoke:
  9. You never want to use any kind of metal on a pipe, unless it's covered with something.(ie pipe cleaners). I myself use toothpicks and hard bristle pipe cleaners with 90% iso and salt. the best pipe cleaners to use imo are from ZEN, who also make my fave rolling papers.(elements) :bongin:

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