First piece. (name ideas?)

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  1. Hey, This is my first real piece that was not some homemade bong. haha. It's just a little chillum to keep me going for a little while. Anyone have a name idea for it??

    Thanks. :D

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  2. Dopey :)

    thats what i named my new piece. i always name my pieces after cartoon characters....and i just happened to be watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and i saw that one of the dwarfs name was dopey and i was like....aha! dopey it is :)

    or you can try names like Picatchu, Tarzan, Spongebob
  3. Name it Chingo.

    Just because it sounded good right now. Idk, Im stoned.
  4. chilly madison.
  5. name it crayola hahaha
  6. Tonto.... or Dr. Blizzington

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