first photoperiod grow

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    just put my new beans in the soil, got some strains i'm pretty excited about.

    sweet purple
    white widow
    ayahuasca purple

    they're all starting off in solo cups, top half filled up with light warrior seed starter and the bottom half happy frog. and YES I KNOW THE CUPS ARE CLEAR, i will tape them up, it's all i had for the moment. germinating them in the soil. run off came out to an average of 6.7 PH

    here's my shit
    600watt HPS cool tube
    4x4 tent
    77-80 F
    35-60% humidity
    20/4 light schedule
    5 gallon smart pots
    60% ocean forest 40% perlite

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  2. Looking forwards to seeing the progress through your grow. Hope all goes well. Love and peace, happy growing.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Spend the few cents and run in real planting cups. Shorter they are much less likely to fall over as the plant puts on some topside growth. I start in a 3x3x3 cup.
    Only half fill the cup to start with as most cannabis loves to stretch hard right out of the ground and you just top off the cups with more soil a few days after the seed breaks ground.
    Square pots promote better root branching and you won't find the ring of roots found in round containers.
    My 2 cents.
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  4. Please put in non clear containers.

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  5. that's why i said i know they're in clear containers in caps. who gives a fuck, they haven't even sprouted. i said id cover the roots.
  6. Ok just trying to help

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  7. candida [​IMG]
    shoreline [​IMG]
    white widow[​IMG]
    sweet purple[​IMG]
    ayahuasca purple. not sure what's wrong with her, hopefully she'll grow out of it [​IMG]
  8. Whats up with that last one? Look, defective i hope she put grows it.
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    candida [​IMG]
    shoreline [​IMG]
    white widow [​IMG]
    sweet purple [​IMG]
    ayahuasca purple, she ended up topping herself but growth seems pretty normal now. [​IMG]

    had to take them out of the tent for the last couple days, seem happy but growth suffered. all need a water, but finally got everything set back up. got a full house, will need a second tent soon
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  10. candida [​IMG]
    shoreline, bent her over too early but whatever. trying to find what works[​IMG]
    white widow [​IMG]
    sweet purple [​IMG]
    ayahuasca purple [​IMG]

    ordered another tent. should get better growth once it's set up.[​IMG]
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    bent everyone over. my autos are almost done. second tent arrived today, setting it up soon. [​IMG]
  12. Run lights 24/7 and look into getting a 1000w ballast and bulbs if you wanna do numbers.
  13. conditions are much more ideal in two tents. put an MH bulb in veg tent. temp is staying beautiful too, hopefully they start to take off because they've been growing pretty slow. just did some LST. [​IMG]
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    how much longer should i wait to flip to end up with a full canopy? [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. How many weeks r u at remember stretch can be up to 3 times size at flip
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  16. they're a week under 3 months old.
  17. You can go ahead and flip switch to the hps. They should fill the tent in 2 weeks
  18. took my first clones. [​IMG] flipping to flower in a couple days.
  19. So how tall are ur girls they look very healthy? Just wondering why they haven't stretched much? Maybe a smaller plant genetics wise? 3 months should be plenty of veg time. Some go 6 months or more here. Doesn't seem to matter because if my plants are 2ft tall when I plug in the 1k hps, they will double in size min in 2 weeks. I had a couple of Underachievers last run so I didn't top them plugged in the big light and next thing you know I got a five foot tall Christmas tree looking plant instead of a bunch of colas.

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    my girls are pretty short, i'm not sure the actual height because they are so heavily LSTd. i'm assuming the reason they're small for 3 months is cause they didn't have the best lighting. i just now got my second tent, there was 9 of them in my 4x4 600watt tent until a couple of weeks ago. the strains are a pretty even mix of indica and sativa, website said they could all get pretty tall. and thanks, i've grown plenty autos but they never turned out so green and healthy like these photos, i'm excited to flip and see the stretch.
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