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  1. Hi,
    thought it only fair to post a journal on my current grow as I have thrown a few comments down on other peoples and I am new to the site.
    I've done some autoflower grows in the past and found numerous ways to screw it up...!
    Using biobizz light mix and their root/grow/bloom/topmax fertilizers.
    As you can see I'm still not immune to problems, the little one took an extra week to break through. They're at 16 days at the moment.
    Currently under a 400W MH for the veg stage.
    All 5 are Greenhouse Seeds Cheese(feminized).
    All comments welcome,


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  2. 22 days since the seeds first broke through. I got rid of the small plant that was struggling to catch up. Past experience tells me that it just wouldn't be worth the time, effort, money and risk.
    Topped the plants after last weeks post and the side shoots are stretching out nicely. 1 more week of veg to go...

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  3. Looking good. 
    That is a quick veg. Make it BUDDD!
    What light are you going to in flower?
    LAter  MoonRocky
  4. 600w hps. The plants are already at 40cm if they doubled in flower I'd struggle for space so I might even swap them to flower sooner...
  5. Plants look great and healthy!  600 HPS is what I used for the veg and flower.  They work well.  
  6. Thanks bro, I find using a Metal Halide bulb for the veg has made a real difference though...
  7. What was the difference?  Come to think of it, I actually used a 250 watt metal halide for the beginning 2 week or so and then I traded the MH for the 600 HPS.  I found that I can fit only two plants under the light and am going to get another 600 hps to grow 4 plants or maybe more.  
  8. Fastest veg I've had, about 45cm and 6 nodes developed in 25 days, already switched to flower. Some of that could be due to the strain, using biobizz soil and nutes together for the first time, who knows? To compare it to your veg is a bit unfair, I think 250w is a little under powered for 4 plants like you said. Why didn't you try a 600w MH?
  9. They look sweet bro hope mine start to show pre flowers next few days
  10. Nice!  Can't go wrong with a 25 day veg period!  I actually only have 2 plants, not four.  I started with the 250 MH because that is what I had left over from my fish tank.  I was having problems with it being too hot and not spreading the light around as much as I had hoped.  Some guy on CL had a great deal on the 600 watt HPS so I bought it and switched out the lights.  I didn't try a 600 MH because of the heat issue thats all.  
    Can't wait for some updates from your grow!
  11. quick question for you man. last 2 morning wen i get up and have a peek in the tent my big plants leaves do be droopy what is cause am i over water ?
  12. Latest pics after about 5 days on 12/12. Temps are high, about 30-32<sup>o</sup>C. No complaints from the girls yet though...

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  13. I cant do the math for temps in metric. Was never taught the difference.
    I would just say they are about yey high and toasty.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  14. One week on 12/12 and the first pistils are starting to show....
    IMG_9194 (640x411).jpg
    Looking good for a nice Christmas smoke, unless I find a way to screw it up :smoke:
  15. How big is your floor space?
    they look beautiful :)
  16. 1m<sup>2</sup> about a 3'x3' tent in old money... 
  17. Looking good andy. Thanks for the help. I'll be following your grow.
  18. Made some changes to the layout of the tent in an effort to control temps which have been around 30-32<sup>o</sup>C(86-90<sup>o</sup>F) since I swapped over to the 600w hps.
    My old set up had a very wasteful S-bend between the carbon filter and the fan.
    IMG_9180-2 (640x453).jpg
    So I decided to replace it with a fast clamp in an effort to improve things
    IMG_9196 (640x427).jpg
    By turning the tent through 90 degrees I was also able to shorten the duct run and get rid of a few bends.
    The result? Temps now running at 25-27<sup>o</sup>C(77-80<sup>o</sup>F). A drop of 5<sup>o</sup>C, well worth the effort and a far better temp for the flowering stage.
    Speaking of which the flower sites are coming along nicely.
    IMG_9200 (640x427).jpg
  19. Nice move!   I bet its a little quieter also.  
    Does that setup create negative pressure in the tent?
    Mine sucks the sides of the tent in. And I have a 6" vent open for fresh air. Better
    for smell control. The fan controller I have is dual temp controlled and keeps the room at
    80*. day and when its dark 76*.  No dark yet still running 24/7.
    LAter MoonRocky
  20. Sorry man some how missed this, had problems with negative pressure but just opened more vents. I try and keep the room as dark as possible because of this, blinds closed and an old blanket over them.

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