First pc grow box opinions more than welcome:)

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    hey guys had a grow journal a while ago...didnt go to plan.... hey we live and learn ! now im back and im designing a pc grow box atm just wondering what you guys thought about it and if there was anything im missing cheers :)

    Odor Eliminator Gel.
    Mylar Tape and Mylar Reflective sheeting.
    Super glue.
    Digital Clock, Thermometer and Humidity meter.
    8cm Blue led fan.
    ( got another 12cm one and shud be getting 1-2 more for free from case : )
    Clip on light fixture.. looks a bit flimsy might just snap it in half and super glue it in haha [ame=]Clip on Light Mains - 2 Metre Cable length: Garden & Outdoors[/ame]

    here are the lights what do you guys think? im getting 2 of each then just going to switch the bulbs when i hit flower [ame=]GreenLamp 30w (150W equivalent) Warm 2700k Energy Saving CFL bulb Edison Screw E27: Lighting[/ame]

    [ame=]GreenLamp 30w (150W equivalent) Daylight Energy Saving CFL SAD bulb edison Screw E27: Lighting[/ame]

    And of course the case.
    Im actually getting the case in the pic for free which is a result because it looks perfect !:devious:

    ok now for the strains im going to order, i mixed it up a bit this time ordering 1 of each hehe :cool:

    Strains: EDITed couple strains

    Nirvana, Northern Light - Regular

    Barneys Farm, Blue Cheese - Feminized

    Buddha Seeds, Red Dwarf - Autoflowering - Feminized

    Short Stuff, Himalaya Blue Diesel - Autoflowering - Feminized

    Afghan Kush Ryder - Autoflowering - Feminized

    Thats all for now, Would love some feedback.
    I will get pics up when i start building it also

    peace and pot:smoke:

    PS: May get a pack of 3 digital mains timer sockets for that northern light depends which plants i start with and if i grow 1 plant in a tub planting pot or 2 in pots not sure yet any opinions? peace
  2. can't wait for pics
  3. guys i was wondering can i use this plug to power my fans?? [ame=]Plug In 12 Volt Car Trickle Battery Charger: Car & Motorbike[/ame]

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