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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BlankIT, May 10, 2011.

  1. I recently got from my local collective a Romulan Haze Mother plant, it's about a bit over a 1 1/2ft almost 2ft, it's starting to show its a female, now my question is, is there anything I need to do for it to start budding? or will nature takes its course?

    I am compliant with Prop 215/sb420 btw.
  2. outdoor? its gunna re-veg then flower when the days are 12 hours or less
  3. Yeah bro, please don't just stick that thing outside. You will not get what you were expecting
  4. It's seemed to keep growing nicely, it's still vegging and if i put a trash can over it could i make it force flower, how many hrs of darkness do they need to flower, just 12hrs?
  5. Trashcan = no carbon dioxide, the plant will produce lots of oxygen, it will run out of co2 to consume. Also, no air flow means mold and weak plants.

    Let it reveg. Hope for the best.
  6. Well if I keep letting it veg it's only gonna keep getting taller, which I don't want. how can I safely force flower it?
  7. put it inside under lights with a have to be really strict to force outdoor budding with the light schedule
  8. Lol there is no safe way to force flower. idk why people keep wanting bud right when the season just began. You can try to do what you said. But you will be whining to us a month and a half later about how your buds never "fully developed" and you will be stuck smoking fluffy clear thrics.

    When is it safe to force anything? Exactly!
  9. yup. Put it outside, let it grow, and don't be scared , or just give it to me and ill grow it for you..
  10. haha patience young grasshopper good things come with time brah... u force that bitch she gon be small as helllll aka tiny nugs n small yield

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