First outdoor in flower need some tips..

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  1. Here some pictures of my first outdoor medical 49. The plant is in flower ..seems slow to me. Not much progress when I check it at night but maybe that's normal right now?. This plant has had only non Ph'd tap water and happy frog potting soil nothing else. Lower leaves are yellow seems to be ok. Wanted to check if I should leave it and keep my same routine. or should I add any nutes? what are your guy's thoughts?

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  2. Curious as to how much water you are giving them? Yellowing might be overwatering a bit, but otherwise they look awesome!
  3. 4 gallons of water in 1 shot every night.
  4. 4 gallons of water for just the 1 plant? I'd cut that way back. That much water maybe 3 times a week at the most.
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  5. Plant looks hungry to me. Definitely sounds like too much water...unless it's just drinking a lot!!

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