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First outdoor, help me with my soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sniperslayer, May 28, 2009.

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    K so ive got a decent little setup going in BC, first time i've tried an outdoor, im using clones of 3 different stains with about 75 of them total

    currently i've got about 65 five gallon pots, all cleaned out and ready to go, ive also got the locations for the sites im going to be using, all of them will have at least 12-18 hours of sunlight a day, and this summer should be a good one in BC

    i've got alot of info from various sites but im somewhat concerned with my soil.. i've got alot of differeing information, alot saying that if you get good quality soil you should still be adding more to it etc.

    right now all i'm using is just this Miracle-Gro soil, it seems to have alot of stuff in it already so im kind of weary to add more stuff like bone meal, worm castings, etc. this is the soil i have now:


    i think mine may be a little different but similar

    the information is in this link, u can click on the PDF at the bottom to see the packaging:

    what else should i be adding to this mixture for my plants? is the soil alone enough?

    also what kind of fertilizer/water + nutrients should i be adding as i go?
  2. Don´t use that miracle grow, and read the stickies - lots of info there.
  3. you should start with something other than that. homemade rich soil is the best from what i heard but i am currently growing and we used the miracle grow and it seems to be working so its such preference
  4. another thing, is if your going to have 65 five gallon pots, that will stick out like a soar thumb, unless your going to have 11 sites, i say anymore than 6 pots in 1 spot sticks out wayy too much

    edit: unless the pots are brown and green so that its camo, thats what i do and ive never been ripped, knock on wood
  5. My spots aren't really my concern.

    As for the miracle gro, I only have enough of it for about 30 of the pots, so I'm moreso looking for advice as to what to do with the miracle gro I have and I will do somthing else with the remaining pots

    With that said are there any recomendatipns as to anything I should add to the miracle gro? Should I mix it with some of the local soil? Any additional nutrients or additives to the first watering I should add?

    Also if miracle grow isn't the best option is thee any links specifically u guys can recomend for a soil mxture? A few of the areas I'm not willing to use the soil there so I will need to make/bring it in
  6. You have been advised to read the stickies, sniperslayer, but apparently are not inclined to help yourself.
  7. well I've read through multiple pages of the guides and there is no advice pertaining directly to my question of what I should add to this miracle gro so I don't see how it's relevant..

    I've been told add a tablespoon of dolomite lime per gallon of soil?
  8. Is there something wrong with Miracle Grow garden soil for growing? I can't find any info on that.

    Or are you just saying he should use the potting, not garden kind of Miracle Grow.
  9. Btw, I do infact have the "potting soil" not the garden one I originally pictured
  10. got my first 30 pots out yesterday, about 20 using all miracle gro and 10 using a 50/50 mix of the decent native soil
  11. Yes you CAN use miracle grow, But no you will not get the best results compared to something like Pro-mix or Fox Farms
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    I also live in BC. When in the bush, i have noticed that i'm always surroiunded by huge pine trees. From what i have read, any native soil around pine trees is much too acidic for seedlings and will burn the roots, thus stunting growth.

    3 bales of Sunshine mix into the bush, down a cliff, across a stream, and up a hill, was enough for 35 plots of about 5 gallons each.. It's amazing how much mix is actually packed into those things. I'd say you get about double the volume in 'fluffed' soil mix. First timer too.
  13. Its not just the seedlings it effects, it also effects full grown plants. But yes it makes the soil too akaline because when the pine needles fall it increases the acidity of the soil because pine trees like alkaline soil. Its a good idea to study the plants around your plot before you plant to learn if their leaves/needles are acidic.
  14. I'm going to be using 2 other mixes for the remainder of my pots, so will probably pick up some of that better stuff

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