First outdoor grow, well first grow all around. need a bit of help..

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  1. Ok so I made a boo boo and before I looked anything up and read anything about planting I germinated 4 seeds, 3 had the little taproot so I planted them and put them outside.. yea great idea blondie! lol that was bout 4 days ago and nothing has sprouted i'm probably just being impatient but i'm just worried I don't wanna mess em up. SO just incase I did I decided to start to germinate a new batch. But before I get all gung ho again and screw somthin up I wanna ask a couple question.
    I've been reading and dif. people say dif things. Kinda hard to keep em inside cause of certain family members haha.

    So here goes

    1. After they germinate and I put them in the party cups how much sun do the little guys need so I dont roast em?

    2. Should I keep em inside until they sprout then put em outside?

    3. Should the soil always be wet or at least moist? Or is it ok for the rim of the soil to be a little dry?

    I think thats It all y'alls help would be super appreciated!! :D
  2. 90% of newb issues are over watering.
  3. 1: for the first week or so i wouldn't leave them out in direct sunlight all day, find a semi shady spot and work on transitioning them into direct light over the first week.
    2: depends on the weather
    3: you want to thoroughly wet the soil then let it almost completely dry before watering again, maker sure to put some holes in the bottom of the party cup for good drainage.
  4. I know that's what I've read. I'm so afraid of over watering I don't even wanna water them at all lol
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    Thanks friend!! :) the weather is kinda hot an humid I'm in georgia. I didn't make sure the first 3 pots were real wet before I put em in so I may gave killed the poor things. :(
  6. one other thing when you plant them put them about a 1/2inch under the soil and make sure the tap root in pointing down.

    have fun growing and welcome to GC :wave:
  7. Ya I did read they needed to be put in 1/2 inch covered with loose soil. Thank you very much for your help!! and Thanks for the welcome as well! :wave:

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