First outdoor grow ( train wreak)

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  1. This is my first outdoor grow in Michigan. These are my three week old trainwreak seedlings in a green house.

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  2. Looks good, from one michigander to another, good luck. If you need any help or have any questions along the way I would be happy to help. I have been growing outdoors here in Michigan quite awhile and have made every mistake in the past that someone can, and got this thing down now.
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  3. Heyyy fellow Michigander lookin so far so good with your babies, you gotta greenhouse? Thats sick af youre going to kill em with trainwreck this summer, get it girl!!!!
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  4. Looking good

    Another fellow Michigander.
    We mite have to start a thread.
    There are many of us on GC.

    You're going to love growing outside it's a blast. Plants will grow big.
    You'll certainly are going to have to transplant into larger pots. They're going to get big. You will have trees in no time as long as we can keep the Sun and ...some rain...

    I'm doing a little bit outside here in mid Michigan too.
    100% organic.

    Good luck and happy growing
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  5. Thank you so much, im sure I will have plenty of questions soon enough. Very excited
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  6. Thanks! Yeah just a little greenhouse from wayfair. They will outgrow it fast. This little heat wave this past week caught me off gaurd and damaged one of my plants ‍♀️ Lession learned.
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  7. All I can say is Wow! What strains are you growing in there? Your set up is awesome! And yes sir, I have 9 plants altogether but they arent feminized, im hoping I can tell the genders soon before I start buying bigger pots.. Are they all in the cloth bags? I was trying to decide whether or not to purchase those or not...I hear its better for roots, what do you think?
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  8. Thank you

    In the big cage there's 13 different strains, LSD, somango, wedding cake, Citrus super Haze, pre 98 Bubba Kush, blueberry Cookies test strain Dinafem, green gelato, mango hash plant, Dragon Blood hash plant, Blues, silver super Haze in the fiber pots Big bud seedstockers, and Ocean Grown cookies Dinafem test strain,
    In the small cage 5 autos 4 test strains from Humboldt seed organization lemon juice Express Auto OG Kush Auto and one from Advanced seeds big yield Auto and then there's four photos plants that are copies of some of the ones that are inside the big cage big bud blueberry cookies and then there's the incredible bulk from doctor kiplinger's and Afghan skunk I don't remember where that's from.

    No in the ground in raised beds Inside the big Cage. But they started out in fiber pots but I put them in the ground around the 5th of May

    I am and my wife are medical card holders and we can run 24 plants total so I'm maxed out right now. luckily my neighbor lets me run some in his yard too.

    So to answer your question about fiber pots yes they are tremendously a benefit to Growing their very inexpensive often Amazon you can buy a good fiber pot on there in a 5 lot 20 gallon for about 20 bucks worth it all day long.

    I sent you a couple little things you can look at on YouTube to see if you want to go organically or not. if you do those are some excellent YouTube videos to watch right there from excellent excellent grow people. I use Boogie Brew Heavy Harvest 100% organic tea and foliar spray and it's phenomenal I trust it now totally. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Organic in MI here as well. Cheers! IMG_20190627_120009.jpg
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  10. Good luck with your grow! I’ve got a purple Trainwreck in my garden this year
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  11. If you can do organic, do it! I've changed from dwc, coco, and aero to organic (all indoor). It tastes so much better!

    Check out nectar of the gods too. That shit is amazing for organic out of a bottle. (I think you can still get a sample kit for just the cost of shipping if you email them. Definitely worth it! )
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  12. Nectar is great, but so is no-till type philosophy. Flavors though, I know what you mean
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  13. You guys are all so advanced. At this point they are all in fox farms and using grow big fertilizer.
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