First outdoor grow (QUESTIONS)

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    I will be growing for my first time in northern ontario in the sudbury region and I had a few questions for next grow season.
    I have done my research on what strains i should plant but i would like a second opinion on them, the strains i have picked are
    -Manitoba poison.
    -Mountain bud.
    -Fast girl.
    -Purple bubba kush.
    Would all of those withstand northern ontarios enviroment?
    -What should i feed my plants? (nutrients) And in what intervals?
    -Can I germinate my seeds outdoors?

  2. its waaaaaaay to late in the season to think about outdoor growing in Canada. I'm in sask so i know how cold this country really gets haha. all solid strains just move em indoor ;)
  3. Sorry I didnt include that haha I meant next grow season.
  4. I'm sure any of those would work fine but i would germinate them inside in a cup of water or paper towel first just to give them the best chance possible at life. go to your local garden store and see what they have for nutes, I've been recommended holland secret by many growers who have lots of success with it. its a nice trio package of nutes. your feeding schedule is determined by the plant, with indoor growing you have to have a strict schedule because you play god but not outside. you alone can't control the environment aka sun, wind etc. so you will have to determine when your plants need feeding as they grow.
  5. Would I have to start growing them inside or can I plant them directly outdoors after germinating them?
    And what date should I have my germinated seeds in the pots?
  6. personally i would start them off inside and wait till there around 3 weeks old, let the plants build up some str before having to take on the harsh natural environment. you will save urself $$$ in seeds in the long run.
  7. When the season is right you can start them outdoor no problem. If you start late you get less yield and probably bud rot. You can also start indoors then transplant later outside. There's many nutes to choose from i would say personal preference. I use general organics less salt build up in the soil.
  8. I dont think i can keep them inside for 3 weeks. Would a greenhouse work for the first part of the grow?
  9. the "optimal" 18/6 light schedule starts around the end of spring beginning of summer. then starts to fade into 12/12 towards the end of summer. so late april, early may? that why we have "christmas buds". the best outdoors is harvested in august, and cures for a couple months and right around christmas time, maybe a little earlier we get a flood of better buds. even the mexican brick starts being fairly decent considering. lol
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