First Outdoor Grow, High Temps, Slow Growth

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have been reading this site for months in order to prepare myself for my first outdoor grow. I started with bagseed as I didn't want to spend a huge amount and have everything fail. So far, I've lost five of the 7 I started. I planted the seeds on May 9th. They broke ground about a week later, so they are about 20 days old. 
    I have MS so planting in the ground and dealing with weeds and such wasn't an option. I started the seeds in Kellogg Organic Patio Plus in cups, then transplanted when they got their second set of leaves. I transplanted when temps were on the low side. Mid 70's. Then, the temps shot up to over 100F and I managed to lose all but two of my babies. The two I do have don't look very good and I'm trying to find out why. Here are the specs:
    Bagseed, Kellogg Organic Patio Plus, 1 gallon containers, PH of runoff is 6.6, no nutes other than what was already in the soil. The Kellogg Organic contains (as per the bag) Composted Forest Products, Composted Rice Hulls, Composted Poultry Manure, Perlite, Kelp Meal, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, and Alfalfa Meal. I am using regular tap water that I let sit for 24 hours prior to watering because of the high chlorine content in our city water. I was watering once every 2-3 days, but have since found that I haven't watered them enough especially in this 100 degree weather we have been having. Their leaves are pointing upward toward the sun. The cotyledons have already withered and died back. 
    One of the plants looks pretty healthy. It's on its third set of leaves. The other is growing really slowly, and is a lime green color.  The first picture is of the one that seems pretty healthy. The second picture is of the lime green one, that I just transplanted into a 1 gallon pot. It had lots of healthy looking roots, but the top is lime green. CAM00410.jpg CAM00408.jpg Both plants have lime green leaves, but the new growth on the first is a very dark healthy looking green.
    When it is time to add nutes, I plan on using Alaska Fish Emulsion which is a 5-1-1 solution. I am wondering if this is okay to use throughout the entire grow, or if I should supplement with something with a higher phosphorus once the flowering starts? What organic nutrients would you recommend? 
    I checked them after a nice watering yesterday and overnight the entire pot is dry again. I stuck my finger down as far as I could reach and it was slightly cool, but still dry to the touch. Should I water more frequently when it is so hot?  We get multiple 100+ degree days where I live. Should I keep them out in full sun along with my other plants (mainly tomatoes and squash) or should I give them some evening shade?
    I have seen other plants that are about my age and they look a nice healthy green. This lime green plant is the one I'm worried about. I did start 6 more seeds yesterday, just in case I end up losing these two. 
    I might be overreacting. I grow a full garden each year and never freak about my plants as much as I have these babies. I'd just appreciate a few answers if anyone is able to help. Thanks so much!

  2. I am going through the same thing roof top grow and slow growth check out my forum
  3. How sre those two turning out

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