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    I had another topic to keep updates on my garden, but it went sideways when Grasscity moved servers and I'll rather just start over.
    So here you have my consumable progeny:
    IMG_20130521_122202.jpg IMG_20130521_122137.jpg IMG_20130521_122150.jpg IMG_20130521_122233.jpg IMG_20130521_122215.jpg IMG_20130521_122303.jpg IMG_20130521_122453.jpg IMG_20130520_193450.jpg
    (Group photo/Jah Herer/G13 Haze/Martian Mean Green/LSD/Bagseed)
    As you can see, the leaves on the bagseed are dropping a little, mostly around the top. I'm guessing I gave her more nutrients than I should have. Don't know whether that minor damage can heal or not.
    Anyway, I'll be harvesting her little by little. That way I'll have good home-grown buds to smoke for the coming months =]
    Now the Jah Herer could be much bigger but I'm letting her grow upwards for her weight is already too great. 
    The LSD was completely stunted for 3 weeks, that's why she's so small. Once I moved her she started growing again, but still a month behind =/
    The G13 Haze is a little smaller than I expected her to be, not the best seed in my garden.
    The rest speaks for itself =]

  2. looking good. i will be subbing.
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    Any advise on those dropping leaves? Some more leaves dropped a little today and I've got the weird feeling that something is going wrong with her roots.
    (Last pic in OP for reference)
  4. She is beautiful! i dont think you are giving her to much  nutrients, but maybe to much water..leaves                                                                  shouldnt be drooping down so much...but you have nice limbs..a nice trim up might increase the energy toward your buds! not to many people have the patients for a sativa.
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  5. Yeah, I think it's over-watering. It's not as sunny this week as it was last week, and since it rained on Monday a good deal it's pretty obvious it can't be anything else.
    About the trim up... I'll get the job done today, she really needs to lose all those popcorn buds.
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    Seems like the lack of sun and the descent in temperatures due to the rain also affected the Jah Herer and MMG. Droopy leaves on both =/
    It's been three days and the sun is starting to shine only just now, still I'm unsure as to whether those leaves are gonna go up ever again. Seems the bagseed plant isn't recovering either.
    IMG_20130527_150830.jpg IMG_20130527_150140.jpg IMG_20130527_150237.jpg
    I think I've got a white fly infestation going on, too. Those fuckers are everywhere. What do you guys recommend? Most websites tend to freak one out, for it looks seriously problematic =(
    Finally, I've always wondered. What's that thin reddish (brownish in this case) line that sometimes appears at the top of the stem? (3rd photo) Almost all of the Jah Herer's branches have it.
    Cheers !
    Edit: I'm trying something for those whiteflies: 3 cups of water to 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with few drops of soap. I'll see the results in a week, hopefully =/
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    I've just found out why my lovely plants have those droopy leaves... The irrigation system was going off automatically at random times.
    For example, in the middle of the day.
    I was just chilling near the garden when I heard that "wosh" kind of sound that water makes when it starts starts flowing and accumulating air bubbles. I seriously thought I was hallucinating, until I saw freaking water pouring everywhere under direct sunlight.
    Also, I'm seriously considering getting a ladybug army to get rid of the white flies. Man, are they annoying.
  8. Those purple reddish lines are either some sort of deficiency (nothing to worry about though) or just plain ol genetics.
  9. Yeh, i think the lines are just genetics, but im not expert on deficiency's. Are you flowering already? The 3rd pic, one with lines, looks like its already flowering
  10. Genetic lines, huh? Nice.
    They're pre-flowers, I think.
    Do notice that the weather is sort of crazy lately. Lots of rain, little sun. It's been mostly cloudy the last month.
    And the white flies are everywhere. Those fuckers don't die. I'm switching to hunting them. One by one, I'm a patient stoner. 
    The big one is going as she wants. I took a bud off a week ago, the one that looked like it was done. Wow, pretty strong stuff, like 8/10 potency compared to the Amnesia and Blackjack that I had, which are pretty pretty potent.
    As soon as the rain calms down I'm gonna take a photo of the Jah Herer. It's growing impressively. The branches are growing faster in the phloem than the outside and breaking from the inside, and also collapsing from the weight.
  11. There's a full White Fly catastrophe going on in my garden, as well as everybody else's in this area apparently. The weather has propitiated their mass reproduction.
    LSD is growing quite nicely, developing much faster than the G13 Haze, which is surprising.
    Anyway, some fungus was found in the budded branches of the bagseed plant. Quite serious damage to the inner parts of the branches, where there was no space due to overgrown buds.
    IMG_20130604_114255.jpg IMG_20130604_114129.jpg IMG_20130604_121840.jpg IMG_20130604_113542.jpg IMG_20130604_114709.jpg IMG_20130604_120958.jpg IMG_20130604_124300.JPG

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