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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ilovegreen84, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I just placed my first order ever it's a 5pk fem super lemon haze from the attitude and i can't wait to recieve them! :D
  2. Sweeeet are you in the usa? I can't wait to order my seeds I've heard great things about attitude and they are likely who I will be using when my bagseed test grow is over.
  3. Yeah i live in Oregon. I heard good things about attitude as well so hopefully things go smoothly
  4. Wish you hadn't said that...
  5. Why is that?
  6. GC is a hugely popular site. May be paranoid, just don't see the need to give away more info than needed. This Bank is for real, a lot of traffic. Someone is going to notice. Explaining how it's done can't help...............I have had a hard time receiving orders from other Banks, hope this one lasts !
  7. Goddamn, way to put it out there...ASS.:mad:
  8. i wish that GC didnt have a seedbank section for this very reason......................:rolleyes:
  9. 7 days from order to doorstep worked perfectly
  10. lol relax... no need to call me an ass... wtf man thats been posted on the site 100 times. Its not like customs is going to start ripping through every t shirt that comes across the border. relax.
  11. why let the customs know how the seeds come through? cant help..
  12. Come on, people have been "mistakenly" saying stealth shipping options for a long time, in fact most threads on here were started 3 years ago. If it has been said so much and been on here for so long and nothing has happened to the site just tell them to remove it no need to gang up on him.
  13. its been said recently here before (dont know who) but if customs wants to know how cannabis seeds are shipped to us, they can order them just like we do... there is no big secret that we know and they dont, they just (hopefully) have better things to do
  14. Pretty much thats what i was trying to say,if you look around threads its everywhere, but thats besides the fact.

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