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  1. Got my AZ MMJ card a few months back, and this is my first attempt at growing. The seed came from a bag of shwag from sometime in November when the shwag was decent, and I must say I'm quite impressed with my first round, low cost grow. I started indoor under cfl's, then moved her outdoor to flower for space reasons, even though she's only just over 18 inches. Only problem I seem to be running into at this point is the leaves are turning yellow/purple and dying from the bottom up. I'm not too worried, cuz I'm only a few weeks from harvest I think, but I wish I could figure it out, lol. (Note:this was my first attempt at growing, and was not expecting a large harvest in the least, which explains all the popcorn buds, cuz it didn't really branch, lol.)

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  2. wow nice!
    the purple is just the plants genetics. as for the yellow its the plant telling you she is almost done and starting to suck all the nutes from her leaves. make sure you flush her with just water for the last 2 weeks of your grow
  3. Alright, cool, thanks for the tips.
  4. Looks nice! Don't forget to tell us the final weight :D
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    A fellow AZ cultivator/patient! Looking good. My 14 post's wont do me any justice, so I'll let you know what I am currently running. I have: Flower-400 Watt HPS/MH, 50,000 lumens. 200cfm active air cooling the hood, in a 2x2x5.5 tent., temps durring "day" are 78-84, and at night around 60-75, depending when the heater(house) comes on.

    Veg, 2x65 watt cfl, 2x26 watt cfl in a 2x2x5 tent, for a total of 10,500 lumens.

    THE GIRLS: The OG #18Veg(2 weeks), Purple kush (flower 30 days), Afghan Kush(15 days flower) and some Auto Jock Horrors (2 weeks or so), and ALL are growing great after correcting the 8.5 PH water! Ouch!

    Not sure what part of AZ you are growing in, but I am in N. Az, and high in elevation (above 6,000 ft) and currently the outside daily temps range anywhere 30F in the AM to 65F at night. It is very hard to maintain a steady temp when the lights are off. That said, ALL of my girls are showing purple on the leaves. This is only because of the low temps when the lights are off, so need not worry.

    The popcorn buds/foxtails form when there isnt enough useable light. Try some LST next time and expose more juicy bud sites. I train all ofmy plants, even Autos! Someday I will take and post pictures of the Purple Kush plant I vegged for 3 months in a 7 gal pot, with roots organic soil, using Fox Farm Nutes. It is now in flower (4th week) and I have been doing LST, HST, bending, pinching,Suppercropping, topping, and Fiming, and the plant has over 30 top bud sites, not counting "underling" bud sites that get light from the HID. I like to keep my plants short because I can get them to profuse more bud sites and more dense nugs than most(born and raised in the SF Bay Area, I know quality, and can produce it) where I currently live.
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    This plant became a spur of the moment type of thing awhile back. Germinated a couple seeds from a bag of shwag, lol. Vegged about 3 plants under about 8,500 lumens of cfl. I never had a permanent grow box or anything, which is why it never branched, but I didn't mind, cuz I started on a budget of about zero, lol. 1/3 of the plants were female, so killed the males, and gave the female a 24 hour dark period, then had to transplant. Due to size restrictions, I then had to move her outdoors for flowering. I live in the East Valley, so temps haven't been a problem, I just bring her in at night.
    (Note: I definitely realize this isn't ideal, trust me, but remember, zero budget at first, lol. My next plant/plants will be much better from what I've learned from this little one)
  7. WOW! :eek:

    Very impressive for some schwag bag seed! How old are they?
  8. This is my test with hydro+window light, lol. I'll be sticking with soil outdoors, but when I get my grow light setup, I'll most likely be doing hydro indoors. This is another low budget experiment, lol.

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  9. Don't look bad at all for just window light...

    I've considered setting up some Hempy buckets outdoors this summer - I bet the yield on that would be just awesome.
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    I wanna say it's about 54 days into flowering. This came from a sack from about mid November, and the reggies around here are normally pretty decent around that time of year.
  11. The growth from a simple DWC is just amazing imo, lol. Just gotta get enough dough to get a least a decent grow light, because I can't flower with window light. I'd do DWC outside here, but it's gonna be getting way too hot here soon, so hydro indoors, soil out.

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