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First "Mid-grade" closet grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Hailbean420, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hey all, So its day 18 (im pretty sure) and there looking pretty good. This is not to serius of a grow. hoping for the best but prob expecting the worste under the conditions. Couple questions, whats the least amount of cpf i would need for this to work per plant? right now i have one 27w on each plant around 1-2 inches away. I know im going to need more but for now these are working fine :) ill keep pics updated maybe once a week. Thanks!

  2. Whats CPF? If we are talking lights, general rule is 100 watts for the first plant and 50 for each after. What are those "rocks" in the pots?
    Good Luck
  3. For those three plants, go with 6-8 CFLs. You want to have the proper spectrum bulb, which for the veg cycle is 6500k. Those would be bright white or daylight bulbs. Keep the lights 3-4" above the plants, or even a little closer if you can do so without burning them. With CFLs, you can't really have too many bulbs. Also get a small fan in there to blow on the plants. It will help circulate air and make the stems stronger. Don't overwater and go easy on the nutes.
  4. yea wats with the rocks. Does that shit work?? ;)
  5. get your lights closer,1 to 2 inches away from plant,they're stretching for light
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  7. The rocks, pointless lol, my friend was just like what the hell ive been meening to take them out. the lights are aroudn 1-2 inches away as i said in the description just in the pic i have them pulled up so you can see the plants. Yea i def need a small fan just havent gotten one yet. for now ive got an air purifier in there that at least gets some circulation going.
  8. So today i got a nice fan for 4$ at the thrift store! its about 8 inches in diameter and swings back and forth. should work perfect for the plants, i also got another fixture so now ill have 4 lights on the three plants. If you are on a low budget and have thrift stores around you, they have tons of things for growing so defently a good spot to check out. Ill post new pics tomarrow see ya then!
  9. [​IMG]

    New pics, i have a hood on the cfl thats hanging in the pic now, the plant to the far right is under two normal 90w light bulbs so its not doing as well as the other two. the first pic the the one in the far back doing the best. The leaves seem dark and turning upward but im thinkin its just streching for the light. Tell me what ya think
  10. [​IMG]

    My friend whos house im growing in went on vacation for 3 day and didnt warn me so the plants grew into the lights and burnt themselfs. There recovering fine. Got a whole new light set up and should finally see some real growth within the next few days. The plant on the far right is dropping like mad. Hopefully the new lights on it will help it out and im going to try and not water for a little longer to see if that will help it. Open for help!
  11. did you ever harvest?

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