First Marijuana Growand left the other 4 alone

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  1. This Grow was a little crazy in the beginning because I didn't do my research. All I did was buy a hps light and some seeds threw these things in some random pots around my house and thought in 8 weeks I was gonna have 5 pounds. Any person with some common cannabis growing experience would be like this guy is a retard and I see that I was thinking this was happen. I bought 5 Early Miss Cannabis Seeds and 5 Green Crack and it didn't take me long to realize that this grow wansnt going well when I was 6 weeks in and the Ealry Miss flowered at a crazy height of 10 inches and the coloring In the leaves was purple. For the green crack they were about anywhere from 12-18 inches tall and the leaves were yellow skinny and just looked like shit and I was honestly ashamed. A little background info now is these plants were in a greenhouse all day and I turned the hps light on at night for 18/6 light hours and were kept it small ass clay pots for the first three weeks when they were started in JUNE, what a terrible idea that was and when I transplanted them I didn't have anything to put these plants in do what do I do? I throw all these plants in random as growing container I have laying around like 3 gallon buckets random flower pots just really a bullshit operation. But after only getting a 1/8 of low quality airy cannabis flowers off 5 plants I was ready to turn the entire green crack Grow around (not knowing if it could be done). After doing hours and hours of research on what I need to buy to help grow healthy cannabis I did just that. I bought 10 seven Gallon smart pots, 34 liters of organic perlite, 10 pounds of coco coir and a yard of 50/50 topsoil and compost mix for the growing containers and medium. I mixed 70/30 soil to perlite and put coco coir on top for water retention because I guess smart pots dry out easily even tho I don't have problems. I also bought the fox farm trio nutrient line and I was scared to use this stuff because I read on forums about how to much can kill a plant like nothing so I started with one plant giving it the full dosage because the plant was 10 weeks old but only 18 inches tall. After one week I saw improvement In leaf color and growth so just to be safe I did the full dosage to another plant.
  2. (Ran out of space) so I gave the next plant the full dosage of only Grow big same for the one I did the week before ONLY Grow big because I didn't know what to do for the nutrients because I lost track of what week I was on. So after 2 weeks of giving the first plants the first nutrients it looked healthy tall big fan leaves I was extremely excited and impressed with fox farm so I gave the remaining 4 plants nutrients and boom they are now all doing great and (this is now 3.5 weeks after first nutrient dosage to first plant) and plants sre now receiveing grow big and big bloom until flower because I'm just winging the nutrients I use at what time because I don't know what week I'm on lol. BTW my plants only receive nutrients once a week and I will be uploading pics!!!
  3. IMG_3490.PNG IMG_3491.PNG IMG_3492.PNG IMG_3493.PNG IMG_3494.PNG IMG_3496.PNG IMG_3499.PNG Pics go old to new ( The Grow light I use is a 600 watt Apollo Horticulture HID light)

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  4. Looks good. Make sure to get a fan so that the stems grow thick. My sisters grow was without a fan and her buds are making the poor thing breaks its own branches off with the weight. If you want alot of bud top and FIM your plants and get a trellis to do some LST. You have alot of plants and I have not seen your grow room, but just remember with the above tips you can still produce alot of buds. Its all about utilizing the maximum space. Dont let space go to waste

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  5. That greenhouse is my Grow room little embarrassing but I have to make do with what I got but I Fimmed one plant and it has 4 new main shoots now but I don't want to fim any others because they are to big now and I am mainly doing a outdoor Grow so I'm letting mother nature light cycles take effect and I only have about 20 days of non 12/12 light hours. I will use the the Grow light I have to help during flower tho.

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