First LED grow. 400w or 800w?

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  1. I am going to start my first LED grow using DWC hydroponics. I have a great closet in my apartment that measures 3'10x5x7. So the biggest grow tent I can use in that space would be a 3x3. I would be using the same tent to veg and flower. So the plants would be there the entire grow
    A couple of questions here.......
    1. Whats the max amount of plants ( without being too crowded) can I grow in a 3x3 tent with a DWC setup?
    2. I want to get a Solar Storm from California light works and was wondering... would the 400w or 800w would be better for the 3x3 tent?
    Btw the 4 main strands im looking at are: Cali connection girl scout cookies, amnesia haze, terperella and super silver sour diesel haze.
    Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

  2. get the 400w led and use 1 5 gal dwc bucket or stuff as many as u like u can use either 3 gal or 5 gal buckets for dwc
  3. 400w is the great light, still you may need a bank loan to get one
    Ending up getting the 800w solar storm. $700 perfect condition on craigslist  :smoke:
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  5. a bargain post pics?
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    There was actually 1 LED diode that was out; and me being a perfectionist, I took it to california light works to fix it. They're not too far away from me. They are making sure everything is at 100% for free because the warranty was still good.
    I will post pics when I get the light back. Should be within 4 days. It's the first version with the 2 fans instead of 4 but whatever. It's southern cali...we're good  :smoke:
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    Thanks to the people at california light works, my unit is brand new now.

    They fixed the out diode and supposildy the drivers were faulty so they replaced the drivers. No hours on this baby ;) so stoked on my find

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  8. II'd be very tempted to remove the UV tubes and just re install them 2-3 weeks out from harvest, these UV tube WILL fuck with your eyes, otherwise 
    The UV lights have a separate switch. They don't turn on when you turn the lights on, you decide when to turn them on. 
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  10. Is there any way to hook up exhaust to those fans on top?
    I mena I guess you could just mount a flange on top and seal it somehow right?

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