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  1. Inflate or deflate my ego

    upload_2023-2-26_11-17-57.jpeg upload_2023-2-26_11-18-17.jpeg
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  2. pics taken with a "smart" phone? They R good for that. Good work! the NEXT grow will "always" be better. rowybs :metal: :thumbsup:
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  3. A first attempt that makes it to the finish line is always a win....regardless of quality.
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  4. you could record your weights and size vip is study the root ball to avoid mistakes next round
  5. Smart phone with a jewelers loupe
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  6. Lots of mistakes were made through this run I am interested to see what the root system looks like post harvest
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    YUPPERS I had a bit of mold in 3-4 of my best buds. no biggie, most had none, but it happened. :( ya learn sumthin every grow. education costs more n more the older you get.
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  8. They look good, nice job.

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