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  1. Hey guys/gals
    This is my first attempt at a micro GROW
    This is by no means a "serious" attempt to grow some strong weed
    This is just the result of to late of a start. Bad genetics. And poor attention to the plants I have here.

    They are unknown strain
    They have been in a bunch of soils. Mostly what's outside under the leaves the nice loose top soil and a mix of garden soil

    They started out very small and lanky . Poor sun light . Germinated outdoors

    Now they are in 1 gal containers with a 50/50 soil mix of my backyard top soil and bag soil from the store with some nutrients in it.
    I come from coco growing so I gave them some root EXCELL and some mollases with a little fish fertilizer at 1/2 strength

    They are now under a 285 actual watt led 12 band light . They flame "600w on it . But it's a good light I have it on full spectrum but for picture purposes I'm going to leave it on the white spectrum and turn off the red and blue spectrum
    I'm going to beg for another month then flip to 12-12 to induce flower. I plan on keeping one plant inside
    The strongest female
    So I'm taking clones now from these ones in a week and putting the clones under 12-12 to sex them to make sure I don't pollinate a female

    Here they are in order from sprout to now
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] here is some of the best home grown I ever smoked . Doesn't look the best but it's so smelly and super sweet tasty!!!
    So as you can see they've been through hell haha.. but I'm going to get them back to good health and keep them in soil with nutes every once in a while and a good flush before harvest. But the best female stays inside in this condition and the clones will be in another closet on a 12-12 cycle

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