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    Well my first indoor grow this setup is just temporary as I am moving in a week. But im afraid I may need to flower sooner than scheduled due to lack of heightrather than waiting till move any feedback is appreciated my my tent limits are 60 inches by 60 by 80 and as of right now my plant the light I'm using is a 600 watt air cooled air Cool Tube. 20141106_173855.jpg

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  2. Lookn good bro keep it up

  3. Looks good, i would not start flower until you dont have to move them though. Cuz it will stress the plants out more if you are not on their light schedule. But then again they would only be a week in, personally id wait.
  4. Ya im thinking im gonna wait also my inky issue is im thinking I may run out of height if I continue to veg more but we will see what happens will have more pics after I start flower

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