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First indoor/hydro/stealth grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smokiedabear33, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey I have a few pics of my head band, sour diesel, and 4 rando seeds. My package from attitude is on its way so I can plant my real good seeds. But what do you think so far? I have them in a cloner right now. Let me know everything that you could possibly say lol

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  2. Where's the grow?
    What's your light setup?
    How is it so 'stealth'?
    What fertilizer are you using? If any?
    How is head band and sour d not good genetics?
    But seriously, More pics! :D
    Don't be afraid, show your setup! Share idea's!
    I wan't to know what kind of lights your using!
  3. Hey I actually don't have my box yet. I ordered it on eBay its 3 foot tall 4 wide and 3 back. Its set up with 8 hydro spots to grow in with constant co2 with tanks and all the meters to measure ph and nutrients levels. I have 2 mh for veg and 2 hps for flowering. Also on the way. Not sure on nutes yet but should know soon.
  4. Some pics from today

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  5. What watt lights. It looks good though just like my plant tht I just started. I'm interested in the box and stuff to do upload more pics when the stuffs up and running.
  6. 2 26 w 1570 lumen cfls and a 14 watt 800 lumen cfl. So 3940 lumens for a pretty small spot. Think thats good for now until the real box?
  7. For right now that should be enough since they're not too big. What are you going to put for a light in the box
  8. Here's what they look like now. What u think? A week old

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