First Indoor Grow. Plz Help.

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  1. Hey all,
    I tried searching everything but I couldn't come up with much casue I was overwhelmed with information. I am doing an indoor closet grow and the plants look good but it seems they are stunted in growth compared to everyone elses plants at the same age. They are approx. 3 weeks old and still look like seedlings to me. I am running a soil grow with 1/3 vermic, peat moss and perlite. They are in 1 gallon pots after transplanting and I have been watering them every other day with a 1/2 diluted solution of 24-8-16. I am also running a 400W 5000K spiral cfl at 18/6 on a timer. Should I stop the nutes, water less, bring the light closer, ect..? I have posted some pics so tell me what you think would be best to maximize production? Thank you.

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  2. High there, is that your 400w light in the picture?
  3. I'm a beginner myself so, I can't really give MUCH information but, I would consider moving the light in closer. I have one plant that was in the same situation as yours are. I thought maybe I "shocked" her when I transplanted her but, I moved my light source closer to her after about 3 weeks and she took off. It's worth a try, and isn't going to hurt the plants unless they get too hot!
    As far as nutes and water go, MOST of the info on here says watering once or twice a week is sufficient and nutes aren't needed for the first two weeks usually. They look HEALTHY, just small so, I personally wouldn't be TOO concerned about that but I WOULD get the light in closer to them.
    Good Luck! :smoke:
  4. Yeah, that is the 400W CFL. Full spectrum 5000K. I was thinking about running 2 of them but that light is pretty damn bright.
  5. Hmm, it don't look like a 400w CFL. I have 2x 125w CFL's and they are huge, so I think your girls need more light but I could be wrong and they might have changed the design but I doubt it.

    Good luck
  6. The light is huge. Its about a foot long and 4" in diameter.

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