First Indoor Grow, NEED HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by kyle_timmons, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I have moved from my previous city and found a wonderful place in my new location to start a one room grow. I already have 10 seeds that were ordered online. They arrived yesterday. Within the next week a 400 watt HPS lamp along with aluminum reflector and 400 watt ballast. I know that I need to go ahead and get the seeds germinating and start puttin them in small planting pots so they can grow. Do I start these plants under the HPS lamp to start? If so what hours. What other materials do I need? A fan, timer, and ????. Please someone help me get started and kinda walk me through this. Thanks so much for reading and I am praying somone will help me so I can make good use of this money that I spent. Do I need nutrients? AHHHHHHH i have so many questions. please reply. thanks GC
  2. Seems like you have a good start, when the light and ballast are set up get a light timer and put it on 18/6 or 24 hrs of light, both times are effective. Choose a soil, Ocean Forrest is the most popular. Heat for seedlings will help them along, so find a nice warm spot and can keep an eye on them. Abt 2 weeks in is when you'll need nutes, do your own research on this one, everyone does different things with nutes. I use two different brands and different with hydro vs soil. Choose how many you want to germaniate and plan your spacing carefully, chose how tall you want your plants to be and plan for that. Fans help the circulation of the room but aren't essential for seedlings. Superthrive is a great product to help seedlings along too. And read the journals here, so much info here! Good luck!

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