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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ksaul, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Its been 2 weeks since I planted these beans. This is only my 2nd indoor grow and seems to be growing smoothly (always does this young)

    How do they look?

    I also attached a photo, could someone tell me if thats female? I HOPE SO :)

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  2. looks good so far, too early to tell though.

    nice photos BTW. it will definitely make it easier to tell when its time
  3. awesome about how many weeks b4 you can tell if its male or female? or do i have to wait for htem to flower?
  4. Yep those are looking pretty good for 2 weeks in just make sure LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT while they're babies
  5. they is plenty of light in their space, they aught ta love it :hello: I just replaced the soil today because I havent invested in a pH meter yet hopefully this will give them atleast another week so i can get proper nutes & the ph meter.

    I have been trying to keep them on a once a week water schedule, but these puppies have been needing water almost every 3-4days, is that normal?
  6. i wouldnt count days. just water them when they need them. if they need water in 3-4 days thats perfectly normal
  7. Ok so in 24 hours I feel like my plants have changed! Does this look like curling????

    My setup:
    - 4 26w 6500k CFL
    - Light Schedule: 18/6
    - 16-0-0 potting soil
    - Average Temps: 80 with light | 65 without light
    - Average Humidity: 35-40 with light | 30 without

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    Just went to Sams Club today they have 6 packs of 26watt cfl's in 6500k flavor for 6.25, not a shabby deal that is about 1.05 a bulb. I snagged 30 of them :p like to drop them down with the 400 hps .:hello:

    Looks like you could use some exhaust fan action,
  9. I have an exhaust fan and seems to be working fine.. why do u recommend that?

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