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    This is my first time growing indoors and with autoflowers. I have 4 autoflowers is a 2x4x5 tent. I’m using a 240w 3000k quantum board has my light. I’m growing in 3 gallon fabric pots and 1 is in a 1 gallon fabric pot as an experiment. Growing in Pro mix HP soil. I have a 4” inline fan and 4” carbon filter. Small 7” clip on fan inside the tent. I’m growing 1 Northern Lights Auto from Canuk Seed and 3 Purple Kush Autos from Oasis Genetics. Temperature is sitting around 20 degrees and humidity goes from 60-70%. I have the lights on 24 schedule.

    I started with germination, but ran into a problem with the Purple Kush and had to germinate another batch, so the Northern Lights is 1 week ahead of the Purple Kush. Each seed took 2 days to get tap roots started in paper towel. After that the seeds went straight into there fabric pots. Took about another 24-36 hours for the seeds to sprout in the soil.

    I am using roots excelurator gold at every watering at .3ml per litre of water. Also ph my water at 6.5. I also have GH Floranova Grow and Floranova Bloom if needed.

    I will update this post at least once a week until harvest is done.

    Northern Lights sprouted on July 21 in a 3 gallon pot.
    July 24

    July 27
    Purple Kush sprouted on July 27
    #1 in a 3 gallon pot
    #2 in a 3 gallon pot
    #3 in a 1 gallon pot
  2. Checked on the seedlings today and I noticed that the 3 Purple Kush are stretching pretty good. I have my lights set at 18” and putting out about 10000 lux. Should I move the light closer? Or turn it up? I do have a vivosun 300w burple light that seems decent for seedings. Temp is at 21 degrees and humidity is sitting around 65-70%.
    The Northern Lights seedling is doing well. Seems to be growing at about 1/2” a day right now.
  3. She is ready for the challenge. Keep up the nice work. :love-m3j:
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  4. Just a quick update. Stopped the stretching on the 3 Purple Kush. I found that at 18” and 20000lux seems to work for my lights for seedlings. Temp has been around 21 degrees and humidity around 65%. Just been watering as needed with roots excelurator gold and ph water at 6.5. The PPM is around 550.

    Northern lights seedling doing very well. 9 days after sprouting.
    Purple Kush seedlings doing well now 3 days after sprouting.
  5. WAY TO are on a roll! :coffee:
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  6. All 4 plants are doing well. Watering with roots excelurator gold about every 2 days.
    Lights are still on the same settings. I may turn them up a bit this weekend.

    Northern Lights just hit the 2 week mark.
    The 3 Purple Kush are at 6 days after sprouting.
  7. Quick update all 4 seedlings are doing well I think. The Northern Lights got her first dose of Floranova Grow at a low amount. I did have some difficulty with lowering humidity, but a dehumidifier fixed that. They been sitting at 50% humidity and 23 degrees. Getting ready to start LST on the Northern Lights. I did have to add some support to 2 of the Purple Kush because of leaning.
    Northern Lights at day 18 after sprouting.
    Purple Kush at day 11 after sprouting.
  8. They are looking good man keep up the work I'll be shortly behind you im waiting for my clones but I have a random bag seed plant that was given to me that I have turned away from desth to thrive lol

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  9. Another update.
    All 4 plants are doing well and starting to grow at a faster pace. I did turn my lights up to about 25000 lux and left them at the 18” mark from canopy. Humidity has been sitting around 50% steady and temp around 23-24 degrees. I’m watering about a litre of water every 2-3 days.
    Northern lights just hit day 21 and still in veg. Going to start LST bending this weekend.
    Purple Kush just hit day 14
  10. Plants are all doing well I think. Temp in the temp has been steady around the 23 degree mark and humidity has been 50-55%. All plants got a small dose of Floranova Grow. All 4 plants look like there going to be small plants.
    Northern Lights just hit 4 weeks. I started LST at week 3 by bending. Lower shoots are growing pretty good now. I’ll do another bend in a day or two.
    Purple Kush just hit 3 weeks. I just started LST on 2 of them in the 3 gallon pots. I also added my vivosun light in the tent and put it above the one in the small 1 gallon pot for a comparison.
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  11. Update:
    Tent temp has been steady at 24-25 degrees and humidity steady at 45-50%.

    Northern Lights has started to pre-flower and just hit the end of week 5. Started with transition nutrients. Noticed that it was starting to show signs of a phosphorus deficiency. I’ve stopped lst and just letting her grow now.

    Purple Kush all just hit 4 weeks and no signs of flowering yet. The plant in the 1 gallon pot seems to be in rough shape. It was bone dry, so I watered this morning it should bounce back. I’ve done no training on this one Aswell, but the 2 plants in the 3 gallon pots I started training about 5 days ago.

    Northern Lights is top center and the rest are Purple Kush.
  12. Edit:

    Forgot to add

    I’ve turned my lights up to about 30000-35000 Lux and on 18/6 timer. The vivosun 300w light is gone out of the tent and just using the 3000k 240w QB. Starting to get a slight odour coming from the tent so I turned up my exhaust fan to create more negative pressure.
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  13. Update:

    I ended up giving a plant to a friend so I’m done 1 Purple kush.

    Northern Lights
    This plant just hit the end of week 6 and I ended up moving her outside to finish flowering. She is doing very well other then some small rust spots on older fan leaves which I always seem to get on my grows.

    Purple Kush
    Just hit the end of week 5 and still no signs of pistols. I’m starting to wonder if these are not autoflowers seeds. Both plants are still very healthy, but this morning I did notice some droopy leaves. Tent temp has been steady at 24 degrees and humidity around 50%. Still on the 18/6 light schedule.
    If I don’t see any signs of flowering by end of next week I may switch my lights to 12/12 to try and start the flowering process.
  14. Update:

    Northern Lights
    Just hit the end of week 7 and plant is doing well. In the 2nd week of flowering after the 1 week transition period. Did a decent defoliation this week to expose more bud sites. It’s rained a lot here the last few days so, I’ve been watering about once a week and feeding at the same time.

    Purple Kush
    Just hit the end of week 6 and both plants are very healthy. Did a decent defoliation this week to expose the lower bud site in the center of the plants. Still no pistols yet, but I realized the breeder package said flower in 8-9 weeks. I may too both plants and do some more lst since I have another 2 weeks of veg apparently. The environment in the tent is really staying steady. I’m having to water each plant 2 litres every 3 days. I’m feeding every 4th watering.
  15. Looking great. Going to follow this thread. Would be interested in final weight when you chop them down. I have never grown autos but may give it a try.
  16. Looking good - hope you don't mind if I tag along for the ride.
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    Another update

    Northern Lights
    Just hit the end of week 8. 3 weeks into flowering and she is doing amazing. She has some super trichome production. Watering about every 3 days with nutrients every other water. Sorry for the night photo got home a little late today. I did do a decent defoliation last week and you can’t even tell now.

    Purple Kush
    Just hitting the end of week 7. I did end up turning my lights to 12/12 2 days ago since the plants weren’t showing any signs of pistols. There being watered every 2-3 days now with nutrients every other watering. Tent temp is steady at 24 degrees and I have dropped my humidity to 45-50%. The trellis is now I’m trying to keep them low and spread out to finish filling the 2x4 tent.

    I’ve started thinking about my next grow already. Thinking I’m going to try organic with Gaia green dry fertilizer, EWC, andneither coco or promix hp as the base with 3 purple punch autos from Barney’s Farm. I’ll prob start mixing my soil in the next 2 weeks and let it cook for a month or two.
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    Update on the Purple Kush

    There definitely autos because switching them to 12/12 didn’t seem to do anything. They were on 12/12 for the last 5 days. I also realized I had my lights dimmed too much, because the leaves were always drooping. I turn them up to 190 wards and 14” away and both plants responded well within 4 hours.
    Staying on the 12/12 light schedule and going to ride them out. I am noticing a lot of red/purple stems/branches, but I’m just wondering if it’s the strain. I’ve picked up some general Hydroponics armor SI to start adding to my feeds.
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  19. Another Update

    Northern Lights
    Just finishing out week 9 and 4 weeks into flower. Plant is doing awesome very healthy. Watering about 3-4 days with nutrients and removing larger fan leaves blocking bud sites as needed. Buds are still a little on the smaller side but still 3-4 weeks left. Trying to figure out how to get nice close ups of the trichomes.

    Purple Kush
    Just finishing out week 8 and she is finally starting to stretch a bit. I moved my trellis up there looking like there going to grow out big. Temp has been steady at 24 degrees with lights on and around 19 while off. Humidity has been around 50% with lights on but jumps up to 65% when there off even with a small dehumidifier in there. They get watered every 2 days and nutrients every other watering. Still feeding at 1/2 doses. Hoping to start seeing flowers in the next week.
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  20. Looking great!
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