First indoor closet grow! (i hope this works out)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shankyboy22, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. the plant is on day three so far it just opened up so far all i have is 4 cfl lights

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  2. we carnt see it bro
  3. you haven't said why you are posting this, like if you wanted advice or whatever, but i'm gonna give it anyway lol. maybe you already know this shit but It's 7am and i'm stoned and bored.
    you plant's gonna want more light, more air, and who knows what else cause you picture doesn't show it. you should try to get it in a box, that is painted flat white or covered in mylar, with intake/outtake fans. you have enough light for a seedling, but not really even half of what you are gonna need for later veg and flowering. also the sides of cfl's give off more light, so put them horizontally instead of pointing at them, and get a light reflector over them somehow.
    sorry if this is all obvious :D
  4. yea i deffinitly already knew all of that..........hahaha im just bieng an as*hole :D but yea i plan on getting a few more cfl's the larger the plant gets and im turning my dresser into a grow cabnit ill put some pictures up soon the plant is on like day 5 now and is growing rather fast i just can wait until that second set of leaves comes out so i can snip it
  5. if your on about toping it you dont take the top off untill you have ATLEAST 4-6 sets of leafs bro or you ill kill it

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