First in ground grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by goombamario, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Whats up city this is my first attempt at growing in ground outside, shes actually quite massive now, this is granddaddy purple. Going all organic with amendments, compost, neptunes harvest fish/kelp fertilizer, chicken manure, and plant mulch 589D50E3-EBC6-44E6-A1F7-2CFB1FFAE565.png 54A778D1-6C9B-4976-B1CC-67B411F71172.jpeg 19CFA540-F4CE-4792-9190-BBCA00E97DD1.jpeg C3867D74-DC71-42F9-AD62-FAD4079BCD7B.jpeg
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  2. Pre flowers have started to show here in norcal and im glad this lady stopped growing so tall!
    I planted her outdoors in the very beginning of april at about 3 weeks old from indoors. In the future i may be planting outdoors in early june so i can fit multiple strains and not have to worry about them getting out of control, this lady far surpassed my expectations 78540F27-81FE-4981-ACD3-5B69BB72C0AB.jpeg image.jpg
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  3. Same thing here in central CA. Mine have grown to over 8 feet tall and look just about the same. Great job.......they look amazing!!
  4. Yeah insane thanks man ,not they, shes just 1 plant .. too much trimming!!
  5. My bad. She looks awesome. I have 2 that look like yours and another that I transplanted into a 5 gallon pot a couple months ago because she was fighting the other one for soil, nutrients, and water. Sure wish I would have planted her either in the ground like the other 2 or in a 10 gallon pot because she actually grew out of the bottom of my pot and into the soil! Anyway, I should have bud for days.......and it looks like you will too. Enjoy!!
  6. Lmao these plants really grow like weeds, enjoy the fruits of labor in a few months thanks my man
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