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First Impression

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ethansnd, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. I know it takes more than the look of the bud to know the quality of the weed, but based purely off the visual I wanted to get some opinions to know if it's worth buying. I'm gonna feel and smell it when I meet the dude but I'm buying a little bit more than a half O of this for 135...what do u think?

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  2. Looks like good smoke man. Lot's of crystals, but it all depends on if it's got sticks and stones or if it's harsh to smoke. If it gets you high, fuck it. :love-m3j:

    135 is really steep though, try to haggle
  3. 135s high for a half the bud looks good just try and go lower

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  4. Thanks for ur opinions, it burns amazing so I'm happy in the end

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  6. hahahah yo dawg
    $135 is just downright mean
    round my hood halfa buds be $50
  7. Wow I get halfs a for 140 in SC guess I'm just not as cool as some of you.

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  8. Yeah, in MA I pay between 140-160 for a half, so 135 would be a great deal here. That looks like good stuff, too. I'd say go for it.
  9. $135 may not be the best price in the world, but I'd pay it for bud like that. Enjoy!

  10. Visually and for that price, seems like a great deal to be honest. The nugs look nice and dense with nice crystals.

    We pay $200 for a half oz here in the tri-state area NY-NJ-PA.
  11. The money market varies widely and at about $35 an eighth for that half o pickup, I give that dispensary level care. Could be more compassionate but that seems fairly wholesale to me.
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  12. In fla a few years back when it was 20/g a quarter would cost 120$ and 200-220 for a half

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