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  1. Hi this is going to be my first hydroponics grow and any other information would be greatly appreciated, i have basic knowledge of hydroponics but need help with some specifics .
    i am thinking about using General Hydroponics WaterFarm Controller Kit here is a link

    i was wondering if this would be a good system to use and also can someone recommend a growing light(s) that can be used with this system and also what would be the best feeding system for this system ? i have heard good things about the lucas formula but any other suggestions will be taken into considerations.

    thank you in advanced and this forum is great .
  2. Welcome to the City. Your add says they recommend a 1000 watt light system. If you could get an MH/HP Conversion Ballast or a digita ballast which should do both, that would be ideal. As for your other questions my knowledge on the subject is only book knowkledge not real world so others might be best to answer them.
  3. Thats a great system for large plants, its one of my favorite systems next to a simple ebb & flow.. you will like the ability of moving them as needed.. its the same as an ebb and grow only it has a smaller resevoir.. check ebay i found a great one for cheap..

    as for lighting, dont skimp at all, go for a 1000 hps, or better yet, get 2-600 watt hps lights and a light mover to cover more realestate. you will need lots of good lighting when you space those out
  4. damn, thats serious

    how much is that going to cost to ship?

    post some pics when your done

  5. Im not sure of shipping costs yet, the system ways 70lbs so i am guessing alot :(
    if i can get it up and running soon i will defiantly post some pics and may do a grow journal, have not decided yet .
  6. Youd be well off using the WATERFARMS they grow incredible plants, i have g13x buttescotch hawaiinand they have done incredible! I use the GH nutes that came with mine, and just have to buy more. But DO use, diamond nectar,liquid kool bloom, floralicious grow, floralicious bloom, dry kool bloom and sweetner .

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  7. thee most awwesme guide and the best investment you could ever make is . . . . . drum roll marijuana horiculture the indoor outdoor medical growers bible with 512 color pages and 1120 color images by jorge cervantes has a hydroponic chapter. 25 bux at your local book shop. i sound like a salesman.
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    or go to and download jorge cervantes ULTIMATE GROW DVD. FREE!

    I forgot to mention that I use 2k watts in my 9x9, and the plants love it. the only problemihave found is res changes, you have to drain that fucker and it takes hrs, so i got me a hand pump to do it,takes lie 1/2 hr now to drain it. but The controllers float valve , valve, ca get clogged so you have to make sure you clean that out and check it frequently so that the bottom res doesnt go empty. Other than that freq check the drip rings and hoses in the buckets as they get clogged with the salts from the nutes. After doing this 10 times you will be a master at overhauling your hoses.

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